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    Post Cleaning Clouded Emergency Light Lens

    I figure that this is about the best forum to post this in even though it's kinda off subject. One of my part-time ambulance services and my soon-to-be FD has apparatus with those nasty clouded Lens on the light bars or beacons. We all know what they are and it really takes away illumination from the lights. How do you clean those dang things?

    I've heard of using some sort of rubbing compound to clear them up but that's about it. It seems like a waste of cash to replace them if there's a simple way of fixing the problem.

    Any ideas??

    Jeremy Culver
    IACOJ Bureau of EMS

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    This topic has been here before....But here goes it again

    Try using "Meguiars - Mirror Glaze #17" it's a clear plastic cleaner then follow up with "Meguiars - Mirror Glaze #10" which is a clear plastic polish...


    Robert B.
    Haddon Fire Co. #1

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    The Meguiars works well if the clouding is due to scratches and pits on the surface of the lens, such as are commonly caused by insects, etc.

    If the clouding is actually "in" the lens, such as can be caused by extensive UV light exposure, exposure to the elements 24-7, etc., there's not much you can do except replace the lenses.

    Good luck!

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    Code Blue; Here is what I find to be the best for lens that are clouded and slightly scratched. First rub the lens with a fine compound ( 3-M fine ,it comes in a plastic bottle works great ) rub it in until it dissappears. let it dry for about 1 minute and buff it off, it should brighten right up. Then go over with a good wax ( found that Collinite Insulator wax holds up the best ), buff it up and your done . Vehicles that are left outside probably need this done every 3 months. Let me know how you make out ? good luck Joe T

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