I'd like to know, Since 9-11, Have your fire dept had an increase or decrease in firehouse recruitment and retention. Is it from in town or out of town.

Also I would like to know why is it that most fire depts in this country have resident only policy's that restrict membership to their resident's only and that since it's hard to find good firefighters these days. Residents that live in on the border of a neighboring towns can't volunteer in their neighboring town's fire service.

So i'd like to know why is it that people that live in bordering town's that want to volunteer but are being denied that chance to just because they live in a border of another town and not actually in the town.

See, along time ago, i was a young man in my early 20's who lived on the border of New Britain, Newington and Berlin, CT. I wanted to get involve in the town's Volunteer fire dept's of Newington and Berlin, CT. But since i lived in New Britain, CT and on the border of Newington and Berlin. I was denied the chance to volunteer for Newington and Berlin fire depts just because i was a resident of New britain, CT who lived within stones throw of Newington and Berlin, CT. So since i was denied the chance to volunteer i have left CT for Philly to volunteer for a Fire dept in the Delaware valley and now after 9-11 i am planing to return to CT and try to force Newington vol fire dept and Berlin Vol Fire dept to let me volunteer with them.

So now i am thinking, Since fire recruitment is way do and statistcs prove that people didin't want to volunteer in the past and now we have 9-11 and people now want to volunteer in the fire service and we still have resident only policies that hinder the way people want to help out. Seems to me, that the "resident only" Policy is a barrier to meeting the goals for Fire service Recruitment and Retention and that is an issue that needs to be addressed if we in the fire service are every to recruit people in the fire service.

So please let me know, why is it that Fire depts that have a hard time to recruit people using the resident only policy when their are ample people on border towns willing to volunteer like myself in the past.