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    Cool 240 Robert

    Does anyone remember a show back in the late 1970's or early 1980's about the LA County Sheriff's Department named "240-Robert". The only star's name I can remember was Mark Harmon. It was mainly about 2 Sheriff's Dept Deputies that did rescues and were also Paramedics if memory serves me right. I have always hoped that one of the networks would decide to replay the series someday, but most people don't remember it.


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    Ahh, memories.

    I remember the show & you are correct - Mark Harmon was one of the stars. I don't remember much else. The show was only around for one maybe two seasons (I think).

    240-Robert is the call sign of the LA County Sheriff's Emergency Services Detail. They are a real unit and work closely with Air-Rescue 5, the large Sikorsky H-3 that does a great deal of the mountain rescue work in the county. All ESD/240-R personnel are paramedics. The unit is still very much alive and kicking, in fact they had several calls this weekend including the rescue of an injured climber way up Angeles Crest Hwy. (listened to the call go down).

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    Default 240 robert

    I do remember. Mark Harmons name was Thib, the other guy was Applegate and I believe the female helicopter pilots name was Morgan. They drove Ford broncos if I remember correctly, NBC aired the show.

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    That was a great show!
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    Post From the IMDB website

    Plot Summary for
    "240-Robert" (1979)

    240-ROBERT followed the exploits of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Emergency Services Detail. Utilizing helicopters, boats and a customized Ford Bronco, the team managed to extract hapless citizens from various dangerous situations. The series was based on the real life 240 unit of the Sheriff's Department.

    Cast overview:
    Thomas Babson .... Deputy Terry Caster (1979-1980)
    Jeffrey Bannister .... Deputy Price (1979-1981)
    Stephen W. Burns .... Deputy Brett Cueva (1981)
    Joanna Cassidy .... Deputy Morgan Wainwright (1979-1980)
    Margie Foster .... Kam Francis, The Dispatcher (1981)
    Jeff Galucci .... Deputy DeVito (1979-1981)
    Mark Harmon .... Deputy Dwayne Thibideaux (1979-1980) (Thib)
    Pamela Hensley .... Deputy Sandy Harper (1981)
    Taylor Lacher .... Captain Berman (1981)
    René Le Vant .... Deputy Hamilton (1981)
    Joe Nicassio .... Deputy Gary Roverino (1979-1980)
    John Bennett Perry .... Deputy Theodore Roosevelt Applegate III (segment "Trap")
    Peter J. Pitchess .... Sheriff (1979-1981)
    Lew Saunders .... Deputy C.B. Harris (1979-1980)
    Steve Tannen .... Deputy Frank Kestenbaum
    Jay Varela .... Lieutenant Vetter (1979-1980)
    Brant von Hoffman .... Deputy Bottendott (1981)
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    Default Am I that Old Already ?

    I remember "240-Robert." As a little kid growing up in the 70's 'Emergency' was my main show and still continues to be when I catch an episode from time to time. 240-Robert did air on ABC in my viewing area on Tuesday Nights at 8pm if memory serves me correctly and I remember being parked in front of the Old Tube - Days before Cable TV was popular or even present for that matter - Adjusting the rabbit ears and watching intently as the 240-R Units raced of to the Rescue, The Robbery in Progress, or the Accident. Loved the Show. I was too young back than to understand why the show was canceled but the memories of the Beach-Front Head-Quarters - The Chopper - and The Broncos still etches in my mind. --- Did anyone ever notice that this show just like "Chips" [Another California Police Drama] very raley if at all had the officers drawing their weapons ? Maybe this is one of the cancelation reasons --- People live for Shootings and Explosions on TV --- Although CHIPS had that 72 Car Free-Way Pile Up where the Injuries were never that serious and were usually handled with one ambulance and a fire engine
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    Check out


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    240 Robert....Now I am feeling old. I too remember growing up on Emergency!, CHiPs and this show. It was sweet.

    Thanks for the links with the videos....Bou

    PS- Growing up in Southern Cal, that ABC Chan. 7 announcer's voice is an old icon. He did a lot of voice work for that station.
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