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    Default Motivation for Trying to Volunteer

    My motivation for trying to volunteer in my hometown dept. has been to give something back to the dept. and community for being there when I needed them. A desire to make a difference and prove that I am of value to the community in which I live. However, I can see some blunders I have made:1. Not doing my homework ahead of time. 2. Not getting my physical conditioning underway in the fall of 2001 instead of two weeks before the departmental physical on which I was found good enough to handle administrative and other nonexertional duties, which would be a very good start in any even. I am sure that I went down a number of other wrong roads as well. However, the desire to give back to the community and make a difference is still there. Right now I can't help but feel a little bit like a sponger. I feel that no number of Thank you's to those who rescued me in my July 21,1997 head on collision even begin to seem adequate for a rescue job every bit as professional as a paid department. I have nothing but praise for ALL the fire departments of Wyoming County,NY and all Fire departments in general,including the one I am interested in serving in any capacity I can and the sooner the better. Meanwhile, I could use a little guidance with my conditioning program which now is a seat of the pants concoction I have been doing since mid January. I hope to start first with administrative duties and as my conditioning program progresses be fit enough for at least some active duty assignments, such as fire police or even running errands for the department. All I want to do is be an asset to my community, not the sponger I feel like I am now.
    Jim Mancuso

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    Lightbulb This might help...

    Jim- As for motivation...Check out the video I
    posted here from Downey, CA.

    Also, you might get some good advise from one of
    my favorite websites...www.eatstress.com

    Good luck!

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