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    Thumbs down Trenton NJ, cut engines/ladder, caught with pants down

    After cutting two engines and one ladder, Trenton has gone to mutual aid three times in one month, when they only went seven times last year.

    Last night, no engines, no ladders left in city when simultaneous incidents arose!

    The above is MY OPINION only and not that of anyone else. I am not representing any organization in making a post here!!!!

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    Exclamation ooopppsss

    yeah, b/c when they did run out, they called units from our county
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    Angry Knew it would happen

    When the story busted about the Mayor closing stations we all knew this would happen. They did not cut firefighters... but they now have firefighter surplus at the open stations, not enough coverage to go around... Someone needs to wash the hind end of a MUTT and restore some order. You CANNOT depend on mutual aid to cover yourself. I bet if the citizens of Trenton got wind of how poor their fire protection is and who is to blame... well if they don't care about that, just wait till their home insurance policies go throught the roof.

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    Default Somebody speak up

    I agree Drewbo. Those citizens need to know what's going on. Somebody needs to stand-up and let everyone know how high of a priority their mayor places their lives and property.

    Bet he won't get as many votes next election.
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    This is really crazy this mayor should be shot... using your neighboring volunteer company when you need more manpower for a large call no one would mind that, but when you start trying to use a volunteer company in a paid city to cover for your city its not fair to the volunteers or to the paid guys who should be there. Someone higher up needs to step in and give this mutt a swift kick in his @ss!!!!!!
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    This is really crazy this mayor should be shot...
    This is a bit extreme don't you think, postal?

    At least your screen name is appopriate.

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    The financial figures look good on paper, but in reality this is a bad decision.

    Could someone go by the Mayor's office and give him a couple of dollars ? Then maybe he could go buy a clue .

    Another lifetime volunteer proud to serve my community.

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    A quick story to let you know it happens in all sorts of cities. Our Station 4 was opened in the busiest area of the city at the turn of the century. That night, before the paint was dry on the doors, they went to a worker in their first due and saved the house.

    A few years back the powers that be closed the station down citing budget cuts, with that engine still the busiest in the city. But because the busiest areas for us are also the poorest areas, that was the unlucky station. Three days later a fatal fire occurred in the old 4's first due. The family of the man who died weren't too impressed with the city's decision.

    The best (but not guaranteed) way of preventing this situation is to educate the public to the shortages and their consequences.
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