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Thread: Bikes and Dogs

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    Default Bikes and Dogs

    What do you do when you are riding a bike and dogs start chasing you and snapping at your legs? I like to ride but lately it is more dangerous from the dogs than the other traffic.

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    Pedal faster!

    Sorry could not resist. Never really had that problem, there is a rails to trails trail ner my house and that is where I ride.
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    My community has a leash law, most people are pretty good about it.

    I ride my bike often, never really had a problem being chased by dogs, but jusit in case....

    I have a small "belly pack" that I keep dog biscuits in (milk bone small size). If "Fido" starts to come after me, I toss a few "cookies" to the pooch...then make note to return via a different route!
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    They usually stop chasing you after a kick in the mouth. At least that has been my experience.

    Or the more PETA touchy-feely warm fuzzy version: Pedal your *** off, stand on the opposite pedal so the bike is between you and the offending canine, and hope that you had enough speed built up for a painless escape. If you regularly come across rabid Greyhounds, I'd reconsider my route selection.

    If that doesn't work, kick 'em in the mouth.
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    Is there an animal control person you can call...(I love dogs, but I must also admit that the kick in the face method has worked for me as well...it doesn't hurt to follow up with a call to the animal control people). We had a serious problem with dogs in my area (I was attacked by two huskies, and my girlfriend has had numerous close calls while walking our dogs on leashes). After a few written complaints to the town the problem was dealt with. Unfortunately a few dogs had to be put down but better that than to have them attack a child. (If 2 large huskies will attack me at 6'1" - 260lbs unprovoked while I walk down the street what the hell will they do to a 5 year old!?).

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