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    Dont worry the juniors in your neighboring townships havent been slipping. We are only allowed in the burn building.

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    Maybe you guys are only allowed in burn buildings in your town TW93, speak for yourself.
    9-11 Never Forget.
    "When you hear a 10-75 or a 10-60 you better be heading to the rig"-Von Essen

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    Think it is clear what the rule books say. Think it has been said before, no FF1 or equivalent qual, no wear da BA.

    Don't care what ya all fink, come to my place. You be sittin on yo butt watchin da flames.

    Attitude my friend, it can be your best weapon, or your worst. Used POSITIVELY it WILL save lives, your own included. Used as you are expressing it and it is a bloody dangerous thing that will hurt/kill somebody.

    Take this as read, If on a job, you went near a BA set with the idea of donning it, at one of our fires. You would be picking teeth out for a few days. Is that clear enough. We want people wearing that gear that know what is happening on the fire ground.

    That is called Situational Awareness. SA does not come in a can, it does not come from theory, it does not come because your Father is a FF. It comes from training, going into situations with other FF's, and being taught inside and out what the heck is going on around you.

    You put a BA set on, rush in to be the hero. You get lost because you have no CLUE what is going on. Now we have to go haul your butt out AND sort the original problem out.

    Have a wee look at ATTITUDE.

    TW93, good attitude.
    Psychiatrists state 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.
    Look at three of your friends, if they are ok, your it.

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    Originally posted by Flying Kiwi
    Attitude my friend, it can be your best weapon, or your worst.
    Tell me about it

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    Originally posted by HFDEXP777

    Tell me about it
    IACOJ Agitator
    Fightin' Da Man Since '78!

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