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    Default Running & walking cadences for the academy

    Does anybody know any walking or running cadences I can use while I'm in the academy??? They run the place in the usual paramilitary manner. Not everybody in the class has any military experience so they find it hard to move as a group... With all the academies out there I'm sure somebody knows some that won't get us killed by the "PC" censors....Thanks

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    this is a good page. cadence page We ran a 5 mile run today, I called cadence for about 7 minutes or so, now I'm tired and have little voice. You can really have some fun, but it takes alot.

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    when I was a training instructor in the Air Force, I used a book called "Jody Calls" which was a collection of marching cadences from all branches. It may still be available in the library. If not there are tapes of the marine corps and army ranger cadences available on line. If you have no luck E-mail me and I will type some out for you-Ya never forget that sort of crap ya know.

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