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    Default Running & walking cadences for the academy

    Does anybody know any walking or running cadences I can use while I'm in the academy??? They run the place in the usual paramilitary manner. Not everybody in the class has any military experience so they find it hard to move as a group... With all the academies out there I'm sure somebody knows some that won't get us killed by the "PC" censors....Thanks

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    Wink Check out...

    Check out the movie "Full Metal Jacket." There
    are some good ones on there.

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    go to www.sgtgrit.com

    They have cadence tapes you can buy and they usually ship fast. Just take em and switch the terminology of some to the fire service. I called out most of my marine corps ones and the guys loved it. Many are just too long for me to start putting them down, plus I can't remember every single word in many of them.

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    I fondly remember the old "Jody" cadences from basic training all those years ago, before they were told to "clean them up"
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