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    Default Explorer Presidents... Please Read

    How do you keep Explorers interested in meetings so they will come to them? What do you have to do?

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    Default Well.....

    To be honest if they are not comeing out of thier own dedication to the fire service then ummmm maybe you need to re-think your roster,and tell them flat out that you have to start comeing or your out of it.

    You shouldnt have to struggle to get your guys to come to a meeting, but you shouldnt make it boreing either- when you talk about something-let them do it too.

    For instance -your talking about SCBA- make a test and after they take the test and PASS it, let them put on a pack and try it-not send them into a building, but let them try it on, so they see what your talking about and how it works first hand-its a small thing to do but you maybe surprised at what that can do for attendence.

    And they shouldnt totally rely on the advisors to make them learn-let them take some responsibility for what they learn and what they do.Give them homework !Make them earn it-dont just hand out ranks.Test them -grill them-make them sweat-make them cry mommy and if they come back to the next meeting you know there either crazy or dedicated to learning about firefighting.

    Just my thoughts- good luck
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    Default not a prez, but i'll chime in

    in our SOGs, we have a requirement that states all members must attend 75% of meetings, unless they have a good excuse, or they are out of the Post.

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    We have a by-law that says if you miss 3 monthly meetings, youre out of here, but it never works that way! They always get away with it. It's not that I dont involve them in meetings. Every matter is open to discussion and they have their time to voice their opinions.

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    I'm a junior and I'm a president, but not president of juniors (I'm the only one). I am president of my FFA chapter, student council, and peer mediation team at school. The key to attendance seems to be FUN. You have to keep things moving constantly so that no one gets bored. I agree with the others in that your members must come because they want to, so, make them want to attend. Move through any items of business quickly and efficiently. Does your post use parliamentary procedure to run meetings? If not, you may want to consider trying it, as it makes things run more smoothly. If you're talking about training, try a new drill. Be creative. When we train at my dept., everyone seems to enjoy scenarios and mock incidents. They are interesting, yet you can learn a lot from them. The better prepared you are for a meeting, the easier it is to keep peoples attention. For business meetings, have all items of business written down and ready to discuss. Same thing for training. Have everything you need to talk about written down and all equipment organized.

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    Hands on drills are always popular.
    One that we do for Incident Command involves Code 3 trucks and paperclips to represent firefighters, with boxes as buildings. We give each explorer a "station" with so many "firefighters" and "apparatus." Then they are given a secnario, hydrant locations and they must operate according to our dept's IC SOPs. Everyone takes a turn as IC.

    We quiz them on equipment location on the Engine or Rescue trucks. They are told to find a certain piece of equipment and bring it back to the meeting room and describe how it works and what it does.

    Arrange station tours with nearby departments, or the local ambulance service.

    Good Luck!
    Mike Johnston FFII/AEMT
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