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    Question Getting into Dispatching

    I am thinking of appling as a dispatcher for a private ambulace Company, I am a vol. firefighter for about 6 years now. Do you guys/galls have any advice for me?

    thanks again,


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    I worked for a dispatcher for a pvt. ambulance service and really enjoyed it. We were a pretty busy service due to our contracts with the hospitals and most of the nursing homes. We had contracts with some of the smaller suburbs to give them an ALS level response.

    Part of our service was in another county. That ambulance was the 911 ambulance response for the county. With that service we got to answer acutal 911 calls transfered to us from that county, for service and use EMD which we were all certifed in. All of the dispatchers were some level of EMT from B to P level.

    That job helped me get my foot in the door with the Sheriff's Office I work for now. It was a fun 3 years.

    I don't know what type of calls the service you are looking at answers. Alot of ours were regular everyday tranfers. Not very chanllenging most days. But the 911 stuff made up for it.

    I would say good luck and go for it!
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    I would say go for it. I worked for a while at County, then went to 2 years for a large industry and now do the same for the state. I sure can't say I've ever been disappointed with my choice, besides it's nice to be "in the know" about all the stuff you see in the papers, especially the calls that you know you handled and handled well.
    On the other hand the hours/shifts and/or pay can vary tremendously from place to place. This is not a job for everybody and lots of people quit when the stress gets too bad. (we had a guy that lasted 5 weeks!) So if you really want to do this BE PREPARED! You can do anything you set your mind on. Good luck and keep your mindset POSITIVE!

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