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    Default Duplicate Applications

    I was just wondering if anyone else has done the dept search by state and noticed that there seem to be many duplicate listings for applications. Some have the same info and some look like two or three different people sent in applications. I figure the ones with the same info were submitted more than once , like maybe they werent sure if it went through the first time. But when there are more than one app from a dept with different submitters names on it, would that be grounds to throw out their application ?
    I was just thinking that this would be one of the simple ,little things to make sure and not do.
    Stay Safe!!!!

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    I noticed the same thing when I did a search for my state.
    I do think that if a department submitted more than one application, that they should get there application either thrown out or put at the very bottom of the pile. They had a link to see if someone from your department had already started on an application for a reason.
    I just though I would throw in my 2 cents

    Thanks and be safe
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    Default I think I know the answer!

    The place were we are doing the searches is to see if someone else from your department has already started an application. In order to get to that point, you had to register and receive a password. Most of these dupicates were more than likely departments that had more than one person try to fill out an applicaion, but they likely did not submit more than one. If they did it is ground for having the department application dismissed!

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    Question Check to see if app already started

    I believe that one of the first things that you were suppose to do, was to check and see if soneone had already started an application and if they were not authorized to do so you were to contact FEMA. That may expain why some are for the same dept. and have different names on them. I did come across several in my state that had the same individual on listed and at least 2 apps. showing for the same department. What was slightly different was the name of the dept. You could tell they were for the same one ex. XXXX Fire Department, XXXX Fire Dept., XXXX Vol Fire Department, and so on. It could be that they didn't know for sure the legal name of the department. For example, Many refer to us as Riley City F.D. or Riley Vol. F.D., but the legal name is just Riley Fire Department. I hope that is the case and not someone up to no good. I can see where it would slow the process by figuring out who is the correct one. I have no idea what they should do about it unless they can prove that it was done on purpose. If that is the case, I feel they should be rejected, and possibly not allowed to apply next year. Lets hope it is just a simple case of not reading the instructions!
    Good luck to all!

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    An extra names were for people who had access to the application. Anyone could have gotten a log-in id, but it was first one to the USFA/FEMA website that got to put in the application for their FD. But you had to check to see if someone else started an application.

    If one remembers you could request access to an application. That way you could have more the one person view it, edit it, etc.

    One FD in my city had the Fire Chief; the Mayor and a person from the city grants office listed for their application.

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