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    Default The International Association of Crusty Old Jakes Memorial Roll of Honor.

    I would like to start the IACOJ Memorial Roll of Honor with the following names.

    An asterisk indicates a line of duty death, two asterisks is a line of duty death with posthumous promotion.

    The Vendome 9
    *Lieutenant John Hanbury, Ladder 13, Boston FD
    *Lieutenant Thomas Carroll, Engine 32, Boston FD
    *Firefighter Charles Dolan, Ladder 13, Boston FD
    *Firefighter Joseph Saniuk, Ladder 13, Boston FD
    *Firefighter Joseph Boucher, Engine 22, Boston FD
    *Firefighter John Jameson, Engine 22, Boston FD
    *Firefighter Paul Murphy, Engine 32, Boston FD
    *Firefighter Thomas Beckwith, Engine 32, Boston FD

    The Worcester 6

    *Lieutenant Thomas Spencer, Ladder 2, Worcester FD
    *Firefighter Timoth Jackson, Ladder 2, Worcester FD
    *Firefighter Jerry Lucey, Rescue 1, Worcester FD
    *Firefighter Paul Brotherton, Rescue 1, Worcester FD
    **Lieutenant Jay Lyons, Engine 3, Worcester FD
    *Firefighter Joseph McGuirk, Engine 3, Worcester FD

    The Keokuk 3
    *Assistant Chief Dave McNally
    *Firefighter Jason Bitting
    *Firefighter Nate Tuck

    *Firefighter Victor Melendy, Stoughton FD, MA
    *Firefighter Brad McNeer, Bon Air VFD, VA
    *Captain Stphen Champlin, Fort Lewis FD, WA
    *Battalionn Chief John Tvedten, Kansas City FD, MO
    *Firefighter Ted Ferrante, Revere FD, MA
    *Lieutenant Steve Minehan, Ladder 15, Boston FD
    *Captain Jay Jahnke, Houston FD
    *Firefighter Louis Mayo, Houston FD
    *Firefighter Kimberly Smith, Houston FD
    *Probationary Firefighter Bradley Golden, Lairdsville, NY VFD
    *Firefighter Shane Kelley, Oveido Florida FD
    *Lieutenant John Mickel, Osceola Fire Rescue
    *Firefighter Dallas Begg, Osceola Fire Rescue
    *Firefighter Paul Ezernack, North Sabin VFPD, LA
    *Firefighter Greg Rogers, Dresden VFD, Ohio

    *Firefighter Alexander "Macky" Dickson, Concord FD, MA
    "Macky" was a friend of mine who I worked with the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy. He had brain cancer, underwent surgery and chemo, went into remission and went back to the job he loved. The cancer eventually returned, and he died in 1994.

    Marlborough FD
    *Chief Samuel Daoust
    Chief Daoust died of a heart attack while directing operations at a two alarm fire on Main Street in the downtown area in 1949. He was the MFD's first LODD.

    Captain Joseph P. Duca, retired
    "Papa Joe" served the MFD for over 35 years, then as a City Councilor. He died of a heart attack in 1983.

    Firefighter Roger Benesh, Engine 4
    Roger died of a heart attack while scuba diving off of Nubble Light in York, Maine in 1986.

    Captain John Lyons, Engine 4
    "Captain Jack" was struck and killed by a drunk driver as he attempted to cross the street to stop in for a cup of coffee at MFD Station 2 in 1986.

    Captain Everett Russell, Engine 1, retired
    Captain Russell was my first company officer. He was as "crusty" as they come...and I learned a lot from him. Captain Russell passed away in 1999.

    Lieutenant Paul Soumoulis, Engine 3, retired.
    "Smokey" passed away on December 25, 2001 from lung cancer, just 2 years after his retirement from the MFD. I almost went home injured after working an overtime tour with him...I was laughing so hard at his jokes that my sides hurt!

    Assistant Chief Edward F. Bigelow, retired
    Assistant Chief Bigelow recently passed away at the age of 91. He was a call firefighter, served on the City Council and was a director of one of our local banks.

    Chief John Brecken, retired
    Captain John Kenney, retired
    Firefighter Harry Sherman, retired
    Firefighter Val Bruso, retired
    Firefighter James Linehan, retired
    Firefighter Cosmo "Cazzie" Cazaropoulous, retired
    Firefighter Jim Donovan retired

    Please feel free to add the names or email me with the information and I will add the names of those who deserve the honor and recognition, that's what the IACOJ is all about.

    If you choose to email me, please put IACOJ Memorial as the subject line. Please indicate if it was an LODD.

    If you choose to post the names yourself, please follow the above format to keep it uniform and a fitting memorial to those who have gone before us. If you have a profile signature, please omit it out of respect for our fallen Brothers and Sisters

    Thank you for remembering our Brothers and Sisters...our Heroes!
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    Event: September 28, 1989, Fire Truck vs Train
    *Firefighter Mark Miller, Catlett Virginia VFD
    *Firefighter Mathew Smith, Catlett Virginia VFD

    Event: Heart Attack While Responding (date unknown)
    *Firefighter Christopher Garneau, Warrenton Virginia VFD

    Driver/Engineer Dan F. Hibbs, Warrenton Virginia VFD
    Driver/Engineer David Harvey Craun Sr., Warrenton Virginia VFD
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    The comments, opinions, and positions expressed here are mine. They are expressed respectfully, in the spirit of safety and progress. They do not reflect the opinions or positions of my employer or my department.

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    *Cecil Roby Lovett-Fire Marshall-Carthage Fire Dept.-1989


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    Default Honor Roll

    I am also compiling this list of submitted names.
    "The uniform is supposed to say something about you. You get it for nothing, but it comes with a history, so do the right thing when you're in it."
    Battalion Chief Ed Schoales
    from 'Report from Ground Zero' pg 149
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    Firefighter Craig Arnone, Somers, CT - December 8, 1996

    He was killed in the line of duty by electrical wires in Somers, Ct. At a structure fire, Arnone was attempting to assist other firefighters in the building when he backed into live wires. The wires made contact with his air pack and he was killed instantly.
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    The Hackensack Ford 5

    *Captain Richard L. Williams, Engine Co. No. 304, Hackensack, NJ
    *Lieutenant Richard Reinhagen, Engine Co. No. 302, Hackensack, NJ
    *Firefighter William Krejsa, Engine Co. No. 301, Hackensack, NJ
    *Firefighter Leonard Radumski, Engine Co. No. 302, Hackensack, NJ
    *Firefighter Stephen Ennis, Rescue Co. No. 308, Hackensack, NJ

    The Waldbaum 6

    *Lieutenant James Cutillo, 33rd Battalion, FDNY
    *Firefighter George Rice, Ladder 153, FDNY
    *Firefighter James McManus, Cov., FDNY
    *Firefighter Harold Hastings, 43rd Battalion, FDNY
    *Firefighter Charles Bouton, Ladder 156, FDNY
    *Firefighter William O'Connor, Ladder 156, FDNY

    The 23rd St. Dozen, 10/17/1966

    *Deputy Chief Thomas A. Reilly, FDNY
    *Battalion Chief Walter J. Higgins, FDNY
    *Lieutenant John J. Finley, FDNY
    *Lieutenant Joseph Priore, FDNY
    *Firefighter William F. McCarron, FDNY
    *Firefighter John G. Berry, FDNY
    *Firefighter Joseph Kelly, FDNY
    *Firefighter Bernard A Tepper, FDNY
    *Firefighter Carl Lee, FDNY
    *Firefighter Rudolph F. Kaminsky, FDNY
    *Firefighter Daniel L. Rey, FDNY
    *Firefighter James V. Galanaugh, FDNY
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    Unhappy My Dad

    Driver/Engineer Stanley N. Mettinger Sr., Warrenton VA VFD, Heart Attack, August 28, 1999
    09-11 .. 343 "All Gave Some..Some Gave ALL" God Bless..R.I.P.
    IACOJ Minister of Southern Comfort
    "Purple Hydrant" Recipient (3 Times)
    BMI Investigator
    The comments, opinions, and positions expressed here are mine. They are expressed respectfully, in the spirit of safety and progress. They do not reflect the opinions or positions of my employer or my department.

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    From the Columbus Division of Fire
    *FF. John Nance Was Acting Lieutenant of Engine 2 and was killed on July 25, 1987, on a 3rd Alarm fire at 151 North High St. after he fell through a hole in the floor into the basement. Veteran of 28 years.

    *FF. Maurice Gates Of Ladder 10 was killed on September 15, 1982, at a warehouse fire at 144 S. Glenwood Ave. Veteran of 1 year.
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    Firefighters David Mullaney and Frank Whitby, Sac Osage Fire Protection District, Osceola MO.
    Just read the story:
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    Default in memorium

    Mt. Ephram FD
    * Chief Sylvester
    * Deputy Chief J. West
    Glouchester City FD
    * FF T. Stewert III

    Killed in the line of duty, July 4, 2002 while attempting to rescue 3 trapped children at a dwelling fire.
    Matt G. Warminster Fire Dept. Station 90
    IAFF Local F-106

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    The following is a list of FDNY firefighters who gave their lives or are missing serving the city of New York at the World Trade Center:

    Joseph Agnello, Brian Ahern, Eric Allen, Richard Allen, James Amato, Calixto Anaya Jr., Joseph Angelini Sr., Joseph Angelini Jr., Faustino Apostol Jr., David Arce, Louis Arena, Carl Asaro, Gerald Atwood, Matthew Barnes, Gerald Atwood, Matthew Barnes, Gerald Baptiste, Gerald Barbara, Arthur Barry, Carl Bedigian, Stephen Belson, John Bergin, Paul Beyer, Peter Biefeld, Brian Bilcher, Carl Bini, Christopher Blackwell, Michael Bocchino, Frank Bonomo, Gary Box, Michael Boyle, Kevin Bracken, Michael Brennan, Peter Brennan, Daniel Brethel, Patrick Brown, William Burke Jr, Andrew Brunn, Ronald Bucca, Greg Buck, Donald Burns, John Burnside, Thomas Butler, Patrick Byrne, George Cain, Salvatore Calabro, Michael Cammarata, Brian Cannizzaro, David Cardinale, Dennis Carey, Michael Carlo, Michael Carroll, Thomas Casoria, Michael Cawley, Vernon Cherry, Nicholas Chiofalo, John Chipura, Michael Clarke, Peter Carroll, Joseph Angelini, Steven Coakley, Lawrence Cohen, Tarel Coleman, John Collins, Robert Cordicce, Ruben Correa, James Coyle, Robert Crawford, John Crisci, Dennis A. Cross, Thomas Cullen III, Robert Curatolo, Edward D'Atri, Michael Dauria, Scott Davidson, Edward Day, Manuel Delvalle, Martin Demeo, David Derubbio, Dennis Devlin, Gerard Dewan, George Dipasquale, Kevin Dowdell, Ray Downey, Gerald Duffy, Michael Elferis, Francis Esposito, Michael Esposito, Robert Evans, Jack Fanning, Thomas Farino, Terrance Farrell, Joseph Farrelly, Lee Fehling, Alan Feinberg, Frank Fiore, Michael Fiore, John Fischner, Andre Fletcher, John Florio, Thomas Foley, David Fontana, Robert Foti, Andrew Fredricks, Thomas Gambino Jr., Cheif of Dept. Ganci, Thomas Gardner,Thomas Garner, Matthew Garvey, Bruce Gray, Joe Grizlack, Gary Geidel, Denis German, James Giberson, Ronnie Gies, Paul Gill, Vincent Giammona, Jeffery Giordano, Keith Glascoe, James Gray, Joe Grzelak, Jose Guadalupe, David Halderman, Robert Hamilton, John Giordano (1), Sean Hanley, Thomsa Hannafin, Dana Hannon, Daniel Harlin, Harvey Harrell, Stephen Harrell, Timothy Haskell, Michael Haub, Terry Hatton, Mike Healey, John Heffernan, Ronnie Henderson, Joseph Henry, William Henry, Brian Hickey, Tim Higgins, John Hohmann, Thomas Holohan, Joseph Hunter, Jonathan Ielpi, Fredrick Ill Jr., William Johnston, Andrew Jordan, Karl Joseph, Angel Juarbe Jr., Fr. Mychal Judge, Vincent Kane, Paul Keating, Thomas Kelly (L15), Thomas Kelly (L105), Thomas Kelly Jr., Thomas Kennedy,Ronald T. Kerwin, Michael Kiefer, Robert King Jr., William Krukowski, Scott Kopytko, Kenneth Kumpel, Thomas Kuveikis, David Laforge, William Lake, Robert Lane, Peter Langone, Scott Larsen, Joseph G. Leavey, Neil Leavy, Daniel Libretti, Carlos Lillo (FDNY EMS B-49), Robert Linnane, Michael Lynch (L4), Michael Lynch (E40), Michael Lyons, Patrick Lyons, Joseph Maffeo, William Mahoney, Joseph Maloney, Kenneth Marino, Charles Margiotta, Joseph Marchbanks Jr., John Marshell, Paul Martini, Joseph Mascali, Keithroy Maynard, Brian Mcaleese, John Mcavoy, Thomas Mccann, William McGinn, Dennis Mchugh, Robert McMahon, Robert McPadden, Terence McShane, Timothy McSweeney, Raymond Meisenheimer, Charles Mendez, Steve Mercado, Douglas Miller, Henry Miller Jr., Robert Minara, Paul Mitchell, Thomas Mingione, Louis Modafferi, Manuel Mojica, Carl Molinaro, Michael Montesi, Vincent Morello, John Moran, Christopher Mozzillo, Richard Muldowney Jr., Michael Mullan, Dennis Mulligan, Raymond Murphy, John Napolitano, Peter Nelson, Gerard Nevins, Dennis Oberg, Douglas Oblschlager, Joseph Ogren, Samuel Oitice, Patrick O’Keefe (1), Eric Olsen, Jeffery Olsen, Steven Olsen, Jeffery Palazzo, Orio J. Palmer, Frank Palombo, Paul Pansini, James Pappageorge, Robert Parro, Durrell Pearsall, Kevin Pfeiffer, Christopher Pickford, Kenneth Phelan, Shawn Powell, Vincent Princiotta, Kevin Prior, Richard Prunty, Lincoln Quappe, Kevin Orourke, Michael Otten, Ricardo Quinn (FDNY EMS B-57), Leonard Ragaglia, Michael Ragusa, Edward Rall, Adam Rand, Donald Regan, Christian Regenhard, James Richies, Joseph Rivelli Jr., Kevin Reilly, Michael Roberts (L35), Michael Roberts (E214), Anthony Rocco Jr., Anthony Rodriquez, Matthew Rogan, Nichlas Rossomando, Paul Rubach, Stephen Russell, Michael T. Russo, Mathhew L. Ryan, Thomas Sabella, Christopher Santora, John Santore, Gregory Saucedo, Dennis Scauso, John Schardt, Thomas Schoales, Gerald Schrang, Gregory Silorsky, Stephen Siller, Stanely Smagala Jr., Kevin Smith, Leon Smith Jr., Robert Spear Jr., Joseph Spor, Timothy Stackpole, Gregory Stajk, Benjamin Suarez, Brian Sweeney, Sean Tallon, Allen Tarasiewicz, Paul Tegtmeirer, John Tierney, John Tipping II, Hector Tirado Jr., Richard VanHine, Francis Vaskis, Peter Vega, Lawrence Veling, John Vigiano II, Sergio Villanueva, Lawrence Virgilio, Jeffery Walz, Kenneth Watson,Michael Weinberg, David Weiss, Timothy Welty, Eugene Whelan, Edward White, Mark Whiteford, Martin McWilliams, Daniel Suhr, Michael Warchola, Michael Weinberg, Glenn Wilkinson, Raymond York.

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    In the Line of Duty
    FF. Thomas "TR"Russo Dec 31, 1998

    Off Duty
    Capt. Ernest DiGiulio
    Capt. Peter Phillips
    Chief of Dept .Henry Parisi
    Chief of Dept. Ralph Charello
    Firefighter John Mollo
    Firefighter Kevin Luetscwager

    All of the North Providence Fire Dept.

    The Fathers Day 3

    FF. Harry Ford
    FF. Brian Fahey
    FF. John Downing

    All of the FDNY
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    * Firefighter David Martin, Opal VFD, South Dakota.

    Firefighter Martin fell off a brush fire rig and into the path of the flames. He died of burn injuries.
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    ‎"The education of a firefighter and the continued education of a firefighter is what makes "real" firefighters. Continuous skill development is the core of progressive firefighting. We learn by doing and doing it again and again, both on the training ground and the fireground."
    Lt. Ray McCormack, FDNY

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    E ngine LT - tried to Email you but was not allowed. Where did you get this list from? I recently talked with one of the guys on the list (thankfully) and would like to alert him of the error.

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    I would like the name of Joe Umbach added to your honor roll. Joe was a member of the Easton, IL Fire Department for many years before cancer took him from us. Joe was also past president of the IL Association of Fire Protection Districts and was involved in numerous other fire service causes. He was a real crusty!
    God rest his soul.

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    *Pipeman John Miller(1867) *Pipeman Michael McQueen(1881)
    *Capt. Willam Cooper(1884) *Capt.Richard Filban(1886)
    *Stoker James Powers(1888) *Lt.Isaac Clark(1889)
    *Driver Henry Turner(1889) *Pipeman Octavius Robinson(1890)
    *Lt. Patrick Coughlin(1890) *Pipeman Henry Chapoton(1892)
    *Ladderman Peter Swartz(1892) *Ladderman Hugh Garrity(1893)
    *Engineer David Boyd(1893) *Pipeman Eugene McCarthy(1894)
    *Pipeman Martin Ball(1894) *Pipeman Joseph Daly(1894)
    *Pipeman John Pagel(1894) *Ladderman Julius Cummings(1894)
    *Lt. Michael Donaghue(1894) *Volunteer Fred Bussey(1894)
    *Ladderman Anthony Korte(1895) *Ladderman Patrick Black(1897)
    *Ladderman Moses Fortune(1897) *Ladderman Timothy Keohane(1900)
    *Lt. August Regentin(1900) *Pipeman George Hough(1902)
    *Lt. Michael Sheahan(1905) *Pipeman James Briggs(1905)
    *Cadet David Murduff(1907) *Driver James Downey(1907)
    *Pipeman Louis Staub(1908) *Lt. William Burgess(1908)
    *Ladderman John Wallace(1909) *Capt.Levi Fletcher(1911)
    *Pipeman Arthur Fitch(1911) *Driver Timothy Shea(1913)
    *Pipeman Otto Habermas(1915) *Sub. Willys Wilcox(1915)
    *Pipeman William Hoffman(1915) *Ladderman William Moran(1916)
    *Pipeman William Schill(1917) *Pipeman Otto Mattick(1917)
    *Ladderman Oscar Locke(1917) *Capt.Alexander Cockburn(1917)
    *Pipeman Alonzo Raymond(1917) *Sub.George Lloyd(1917)
    *Capt. Oscar Reidel(1918) *Capt.Maurice Kelly(1918)
    *Pipeman Peter Condry(1919) *Pipeman William O’Brien(1919)
    *Pipeman Louis Purol(1920) *Ladderman James Thornton(1921)
    *Pipeman Louis Digue(1922) *Pipeman Herman Schultz(1923)
    *Lt. George Hawkins(1924) *Pipeman Richard Beard(1924)
    *Pipeman Stanley Doptis(1926) *TFF Clarence Belleau(1928)
    *Ladderman Edward Vernier(1929) *FF Lief Christiansen(1930)
    *Ladderman George Aylsworth(1931)*Pipeman Frederick Stolp(1933)
    *FF Walter Sweeny(1935) *FF Joseph Hallman(1936)
    *Capt. Louis Pape(1937) *Lt.Russell Kelly(1937)
    *Capt. Edward Mittlen(1939) *FF Joseph Schneider(1940)
    *FF Stanley Hausch(1942) *Lt.Joseph Donnelly(1944)
    *Sgt. Harry Schlotzhauer(1945) *Lt.Oliver Strong(1946)
    *FF Charles Parish(1947) *FF Paul Reiner(1947)
    *FF Raymond Benedict(1947) *Sgt.Fred Bergman(1947)
    *Lt. Clay Carpenter(1947) *Sgt.Charles Phillips(1948)
    *Sgt. Clifford Bannon(1949) *FF James Daggett(1949)
    *FF Stanley Thornton(1952) *Capt.Werner Blaess(1954)
    *Lt. Ellsworth Carroll(1955) *Capt.Nicholas Konen(1959)
    *FF Bruno Koluch(1959) *FF Stephen Szpunar(1961)
    *FF John Campbell(1963) *FF Albert Booth(1963)
    *Capt.Lyle Ingram(1965) *Sgt.Alex Ori(1965)
    *FF Carl Smith(1967) *FF John Ashby(1967)
    *FF Thomas Killion(1969) *Capt.Edward Dugelar(1970)
    *FF Terence McHugh(1974) *FF Edward Gargol(1974)
    *TFF Curtis Rabdolph(1977) *FF Michael Johnson(1977)
    *FF Coleman Tate(1981) *Lt.Paul Schimeck(1987)
    *Lt. Davis Lau(1987) *TFF Larry McDonald(1987)
    *TFF Roland Waters(1992) *Chief Robert English(1994)
    *FEO John Weingart (1995) *FF Steven Olander(2002)

    Detroit Fire Department members who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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    American Medical Response
    * **Paramedic Herb McKay 1997
    Herb was killed in the Line of Duty when the ambulance he was riding in was broad-sided enroute to unresponsive patient. Herb is is survived by his wife and two children.

    Cheltenham EMS
    Lt. Henry "Spanky" Speilberger EMT
    Spanky died of complications after having a seizure at home. He was 27yrs old and is survived by his mother and two sisters. His organs were donated and he was credited with saving the lives of several people.

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    Default Cincinnati Fire Department Memorial

    J.S. Chamberlain, Ladder 1, February 25, 1843
    Caspar Ludwig, Unknown, May 15, 1853
    Frank Bidell, Engine 1, December 21, 1854
    William Newton, Engine 3, October 20,1855
    Benjamin Franklin, Engine 8, October 10, 1859
    J.B Hanselman, Engine 10, July 5, 1861
    John Shue, Unknown, February 13, 1863
    E.M. Cooper, Unknown, August 10, 1863
    Henry Dressel, Engine 13, October 16, 1863
    F.C. Determan, Engine 7, July 14, 1866
    Capt. Mathias Schwab, Ladder 1, October 20, 1869
    James McCormick, Engine 4, July 20, 1875
    George Crusoe, Engine 4, July 20, 1875
    Richard Holcombe, Volunteer, July 20, 1875
    Capt. A. Lahrman, Engine 1, July 18,1878
    W.H. Anders, Ladder 1, August 13, 1878
    W. Kelly, Engine 4, December 11, 1880
    David Love, Engine 4, December 11, 1880
    T. Cooling, Engine 4, December 11, 1880
    E. Parker, Volunteer, December 11, 1880
    A. Barret, Engine 6, December 11, 1880
    John Renner, Engine 5, September 15, 1881
    Henry E. Carrol, Engine 9, August 27, 1882
    Chief Joseph Bunker, Chief of Department, September 29, 1884
    Captain , Engine 15, February 19, 1886
    Capt. Jerry Bray, Engine 14, December 25, 1888
    George Bushkamp, Engine 4, December 28, 1888
    Henry Smith, Engine 4 Volunteer, May 14, 1891
    Lt. William Boeklage , Engine 3, November 9, 1891
    Ed Anderson, Unknown, November 9, 1891
    William Bierman, Engine 4, December 2, 1892
    Capt. Michael Healey , Engine 29, July 17, 1895
    Thomas Wisbey, Engine 8, July 17, 1895
    Thomas Bland, Fuel Wagon Driver, October 15,1899
    Harry Heinsheimer, Engine 8, October 15, 1899
    Lt. Edward J. Vahling, Engine 7, January 17, 1920
    Adolph Schonecker, Engine 42, January 17, 1920
    Raymond Norris, Engine 42, January 17, 1920
    Peter Buckley, Engine 7, January 17, 1920
    Lt Joseph Walsh, Engine 23, March 8, 1920
    Frank Keim, Engine 14? Ladder 7?, May 21, 1920
    Lt. Fred Hotel, Ladder 8, August 5, 1920
    Joseph Schott, Ladder 8, August 5, 1920
    Lee West, Ladder 8, August 5, 1920
    Albert P Schoenig, Ladder 8, August 6, 1920
    Marshal Peter Schraffenberger, District 4, March 1, 1922
    William Merten, Engine 2, June 19, 1923
    Capt. Harry Stuhlreyer, Salvage Corps Company 2, September 2, 1923
    Lt. August Grabo, Engine 5, June 19, 1925
    Capt. Chris Wolfer, Salvage Corps, April 9, 1927
    Capt. Henry Cordes, Ladder 9, November 13, 1929
    Eng. Albert Klingler, Engine 17, November 30, 1929
    Edward Brabender, Salvage Corpsman, February 14, 1931
    Capt. Thomas Purtell, Engine 51, January 19,1932
    Lt. John Kuhfers, Engine 7, July 17, 1933
    Lt John Phares, Ladder 9, July 30, 1933
    Raymond Kennedy, Engine 16, September 19, 1934
    Charles F. Blymyer, Engine 16, October 9, 1934
    Capt. Edward Haggerty, Engine 24, September 5, 1936
    Marshal John Ferguson, District, September 10, 1936
    Harry Fullrieda, Engine 8, September 28, 1936
    Henry Schneider, Ladder 16, September 24, 1941
    John Nehus, Engine 48, May 26, 1942
    Richard Spratt, Engine 39, December 3, 1942
    Capt. Michael Gramza, Engine 44, June 26, 1947
    Frank Wuebbling, Ladder 10, August 12, 1947
    Lt. Norbert Junker, Engine 24, November 3,1949
    John Zimmerman, Engine 51? 20?, September 4, 1950
    Lester Meyers, Engine 51, October 15, 1951
    Capt. Fred Beckham, Engine 16, September 15, 1955
    Lt. Robert Beyer, Ladder 7, June 8, 1959
    Charles "Red" Trindle, Engine 1, November 20, 1959
    Marshal Robert Riegler, District 3, June 13, 1961
    Robert Kief, Engine 24, April 11, 1965
    Paul Kathmann, District Traveler detailed to E45, July 13, 1966
    John C. Bickers, Ladder 9, September 10, 1967
    Eugene Baitz, Ladder 13, March 20, 1971
    Lawrence Hauserman, , January 28, 1981
    This list is not complete. The period 1900 to 1920 has not been researched as yet.

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    Avon Fire Service, United Kingdom 1996

    FF Fleur Lombard 22 years old.
    (The only female peacetime firefighter to be killed on active duty in the U.K.)
    United Kingdom branch, IACOJ.

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    New Zealand


    New Zealand Fire Service.

    Kia Kaha Brothers.

    17/06/2001 Firefighter Grant Judd
    1/02/2001 Senior Firefighter Murray Boyd
    19/03/2000 Firefighter Kieran O'Hanlon
    1998 Chief Fire Officer Jim Measures
    7/07/1993 Station Officer John Agnew
    5/05/1989 Trainee Firefighter John Scott
    13/12/1986 Firefighter John William Soper Portobello
    1981 Station Officer George James Oliver
    22/06/1975 Deputy Captain John Fordyce
    20/01/1969 Fireman William Robinson.
    19/02/1968 Chief Fire Officer Matthew Ferguson
    24/11/1965 Chief Fire Officer Jack Morriss
    29/11/1964 Fireman Irvin Ormsby
    28/07/1963 Fireman Noel Francis Mathieson
    20/01/1959 Fireman Thomas McCambridge Invercargill
    10/07/1957 Fireman William Strong
    18/05/1957 Deputy Chief Fire Officer L J Goodman
    12/10/1955 Senior Foreman William Griffen Gisborne
    4/10/1955 Fireman Leslie Newman Manaia
    29/09/1955 Fireman J E Waters
    10/12/1949 Fireman Albert Clark and Fireman George Oliver
    17/09/1947 Station Officer Ernest Herring
    2/03/1945 Fireman Victor Hugo
    5/11/1944 Fireman Jim Winton
    15/11/1943 Fireman Eric Bright
    1/01/1931 Foreman Alex Hird
    2/04/1928 Fireman Roland Beuth
    15/06/1925 Station Officer Joshua Noblett
    19/01/1921 Fireman Herbert Graham and Fireman George Prince
    16/05/1918 Fireman Baxter
    14/04/1912 Third Officer W R McLean
    23/07/1904 Fireman Arnold Gladding
    16/02/1901 Fireman Benjamin Berry
    03/08/1883 Assistant Engineer Alfred Hillier
    22/08/1872 Fireman John Guilford
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    Finally Vermont!

    Unhappy Memorial Roll of Honor

    Spring Valley Hook & Ladder Co. #1 has had only one Line
    Of Duty Death in its 101 year history, Ex-Chief Robert Pitt,
    who died rushing into a building to save a fellow firefighter
    in December of 1964. Pitt was at a Spring Valley Methodist
    Church dinner when the alarm sounded, and was one of the
    firefighters on the scene. The fire started in a second-floor
    *apartment and destroyed a block of wood-frame stores and
    the apartments above them, at the corner of Main Street and
    *Lawrence Street. Pitt went back into the building to look for
    a fellow firefighter, who also suffered smoke inhalation and
    burns to his hands. Pitt collapsed in the middle of Main Street
    and died at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, NY from smoke
    inhalation. Pitt was 48 when he died. Each year, the Spring Valley
    Fire Department holds a Memorial Day service, remembering Pitt
    and all our departed brothers.

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    Default in no particular order (all retired)

    Past Asst Chief James G. Chirstoff
    George Chirstoff
    Ronald "Grampa" Limpf
    more to list when I can get em from the station.

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    Default Clinton VFD LODD....

    F/F James Herbert- 1971
    F/F Richard Whittington-1971

    Both Killed when the apparatus they were riding on flipped over. The call was a false alarm.

    Captstan, I remember the Catlett Train Accident. I was in Jr. High but remember seeing the pictures on the News and in FH Magazine.
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    Engineer Kirk Schafer
    North Central Fire Dist.
    Born March 20, 1965
    Died July 28, 2001
    Kirk was killed when an overpressurized domestic water tank exploded. The tank was propelled over 100' in the air and landed on top of the engine as Kirk was shutting down the booster pump. Pieces of the tank struck Kirk in the head..he never regained consciousness. He left behind a wife and a 5 year old boy.
    Kirk (like all of the family) was/is a staunt believer in the organ donor program. Our cousin was the first heart/ lung transplant performed in California over 12 years ago. She is still alive to this day. His organ donations probably saved a few people.

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