Yes, indeed, as mentioned below there is a new online resource for news of wildland firefighting in the Western United States. We began on July 4th of this year and now average over 140 hits per day as our second month begins.

The premise is simple. We provide you with links to the news. We don't make or make up the news. There is no advertising (although we'd like some sponsors someday to pay the server guy) and no pop-ups.

Each day we scan over thirty western newspapers for headlines of major active wildfires. Where possible, lead paragraphs are included. We try to present a quick and clean review of what is happening on large fires at least twice per day.

A new section provides a quick review of the Top Ten largest wildfires in the West.

What we don't have is forums or commentary or news from the East or non-continental U.S. And no breaking news stuff, sorry.

Come by and give us a visit; we'd enjoy your company.