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    Lightbulb Writing New SOPs/SOGs - NEED HELP

    Ok, I am writing from DeFuniak Springs, Florida. I have been put in charge of writing an SOG for responding to fires/emergencies to the local schools. Does anyone have any SOG's or SOP's in place for responding to schools in your area?????? IF you do, please e-mail me at dfsfdonline@hotmail.com or come to the dept's website at www.dfsfd.org. Thanks.....

    Jeremy Abbott - DFSFD

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    Question SOP/SOG's

    I assume you are talking about responding and seting up of equipment and so on. Have you done a pre-plan on the buildings in question? It's hard to say what to do without knowing what you are up against. I would want to know the building first before I begin to put together any type of response plan. Are the schools sprinklered? If not this changes your tacticat considerations. Our schools are not sprinklered. They are older!! Any alarms there, My first concern is what time of day is it. Do I have to worry about evacuation. DO I NEED MORE HELP

    Survey the building FIRST!!
    Captain John

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    Not to sound outrageous to ya, but I figure you better get a little more help locally from some people with a whole lot of experience for these types of situations. The problem is, there are so many variables to a response to schools that you will need the help when you consider fire response for just fires, fire response with hazardous materials involved, fire responses with casualties involved, CO responses, singular EMS response, mass casualty responses due to many varied reasons, disaster responses from again varied reasons, and the list continues.

    We are currently in the making of a large scale plan to cover our schools in our area that consist of the high school with 1,000 plus kids, the middle school with about 500 and the grade school with a like number. Our department being a small volunteer unit could not put together a plan that covers the majority of calls that may or may not happen in one or more of these schools so we went and formed a group of people that consisted of the top local fire-rescue-ems-law enforcement-disaster management-health care- people in our area to formulate a plan of action for our department and mutual - aid companies to work on.

    Again, we are all volunteer companies, so these plans may work decently for us with a good response from each company, then again we may have to go to plans b-c-d to compensate for the lack of manpower to handle such incidents. But having a plan needs to be addressed by many, not just one person. At least that is our way of thinking.


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