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    Thumbs up 1st. FF Convention!

    Id like to welcome you all to the first Future Firefighters Convention!!!!!!!!!

    I would like to start off by asking everyone who signed up to give a description of their Explorer/Junior/Cadet program!

    Then anyone is welcome to toss out ideas that we should talk about that affect and concern us Explorers/Juniors/Cadets!

    We can also talk about"Off-Duty" stuff in here-just as long as it is kept clean-Im hopeing in our own off duty issues we keep the topics laid back and casual. Dont want the webteam comeing down on us. We should keep this thread civil and peaceful!!!!!!

    Good luck and happy posting- I encourage all to sign up.
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    In my explorer post we have 3 guys for explorers and 5 advisors.

    We are not responsive.

    We use a mixed bag of gear that I had to scavenge from other departments.

    Our cirriculam follws
    The "Essentials of Firefighting" book.
    Several hours of classroom training.
    Demonstation of firefighting equipment.
    Written tests and homework.
    Practical expierience from using equipment hands on.
    Practice skills.
    Medical training.(Currently First Responders)
    Field trips.(To other train with other towns,to larger fire departments and Marine firefighting and Dispatch.)
    Guest speakers- from various aspects of the field-such as a speaker from the state Haz-Mat team speaking about clandestine drug labs,another on fire department Honor Gaurds,and there will be many more to come.

    Some of our goals are too.
    Get into a fire academy type classroom training.
    Get uniforms.
    Use fire explorers at large public events.


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    The Explorer post I'm with has 17 members(only about 10 are active though)

    We can go on any calls long as theres a seat in the Engine

    We use Quest turnouts & Cairns helmets

    Usually we're all about learning from the Captain then doing hands on training.Books we use is basically what all the PCFs in the county use. Like I said above we can go on any call and usually we play the usual gopher role.

    Thats really all I can say about Post 41-25,nothin' exciting goes on to much lol
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    its pretty cool how the departments are differ from rural to city. out her it seems we can do more that some of yall. we also are provided with good equipment.
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    im the chief for a rural dpt with 4 members i juts wanna konw how to sighn up sounds lik ea great idea
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    To All the Jr's Good luk n be safe

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