A Brother....beaten senselessly. Please pray for Robert!

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) - Two sisters and a 34-year-old man from
Lewiston were indicted Wednesday for allegedly beating a volunteer
firefighter in an attack that sent him to the hospital for a month.
Christina Chavez, 26, her sister Amy Harris, 23, and Pressley
Neal were indicted for aggravated assault by an Androscoggin County
grand jury
Police said Robert Dumais, 35, of Lisbon, was attempting to
break up a fight outside of Gene's Corner Store in downtown
Lewiston when he was attacked. He did not know his attackers.
Investigators said Neal threw the first punch at Dumais, and
that Chavez and Harris then attacked him.
By the time rescuers reached him, Dumais was unconscious and
suffering from head wounds. One doctor said she had never seen such
severe head injuries from an assault in which no weapon was used.
At first, Dumais could not remember his own birthday, could not
speak clearly and had difficulty walking. He spent a month in the
hospital and still has blurred vision.
Natalie Dunlap, Dumais' grandmother, said he's still trying to
"process why strangers did this to him."
"He still doesn't remember what happened to him," Dunlap said.
"That's probably for the best."
Each suspect faces up to 10 years in prison.

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