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    Default Water Rescue Rigs

    Does anyone operate a specialized water/dive rescue rig? And if so, what sort of equipment do you carry on board?
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    Our water rescue / dive rescue rig is an old Snap-On truck converted for our use.
    It has an onboard generator, we kept the rear lift gate to transport tanks and dive setups. We have gear to place 6 divers in the water, and the support equipment for them. The rig is climate controlled for rehab. Two of the setups are mounted like airpacks so when we show up we can just walk off and into the water.
    All of the work was done by one of our full time Lieutenants and Dive Master, it was very inexpensive and he did a great job. The only major work done outside the firehouse was a rinoliner through out, to ease cleaning. We also have a drying rack inside so the suits and gear can be rinsed and hung up. The water drips into a catch pan and drains from the rig. That was a nice feature to keep us in service no matter how busy we are.
    It can also tow our inflatable.

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