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    I am going to meet with our fire chief very soon, and am preparing to propose to him that the dept. starts a junior program. I just wanted to see if anyone who has had experiance starting a jr. program could tell me if expanding an insurance policy to cover jrs is expensive. Is expanding a policy like this even possible? If I knew who carried the ins. I would simply call them.........but I don't know that.

    Anyway, thanks for the help guys. I hope my meeting goes well.

    *I looked into the BSA insurance, but I really don't like all the details of their program, and would like to save that for a last resort.


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    Your right the BSA is a last resort I dont like alot of there rules either. I would of liked a Junior firepost myself.But here that was the only resort.LOL Rember make concesions at first to get your foot in the door.

    Good Luck bro - DFDEX1

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    ... BSA isent that bad but if you can get around it do... BSA is what my explorer post is coverd by and there arent that many problems plus its a lot lot cheper then any alternitive

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    Trust Me! Dont go with BSA. All it provides is a lot of paperwork and plenty of headaches. If you can, try to go with VFBL.

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