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Thread: Mutt lawyers

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    Angry Mutt lawyers

    I cant belive this MUTT defense lawyer wants to limit the evidence against this other COWARD!!!
    ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Prosecutors plan to show photographs and videotapes of the World Trade Center attacks, along with family pictures of the victims, at the trial of accused Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, the government said Thursday.

    If the judge approves, the pictures taken at different locations and heights would be introduced at the trial and penalty phases of the case. The Bush administration said it would seek the death penalty if Moussaoui is convicted of a terrorism conspiracy.

    The government also said it intends to play for they jury the cockpit voice recordings from the hijacked airliner that crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers stormed the cockpit, and from a separate plane that followed the hijacked airliner "for a substantial period of time on Sept. 11."

    The government asked U.S District Judge Leonie Brinkema to keep both recordings and the transcripts of the cockpit conversations from the public when they are used at the trial.

    The written pleading said photographs of the victims were provided by their loved ones for use at trial. There were 2,823 people killed in New York on Sept. 11, another 189 at the Pentagon and 44 on a hijacked jetliner that crashed in Pennsylvania, according to official figures.

    Moussaoui is representing himself, and would have the opportunity to send a response to Brinkema.

    Edward MacMahon, part of a court-appointed defense team that remains in the case over Moussaoui's objections, questioned the fairness of the strategy.

    "I'm hopeful there's some limitation on how much of this evidence they'll be allowed to be put on," he said in an interview. "The loss is very real and gut-wrenching. But it doesn't change the fact that Moussaoui was in prison Sept. 11 and had been there almost a month."

    Moussaoui was taken into custody in August for immigration violations after employees at a Minnesota flight school became suspicious of his conduct.

    Prosecutors also planned to call a police detective, James Wheeler, to provide eyewitness testimony of the New York attacks.

    Wheeler, who works for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, was at the scene when the hijacked airplanes hit, and spent much of the day in rescue efforts -- while trying to save his own life, the pleading said.

    By calling Wheeler as a summary witness, the government could avoid having at least a dozen others testify to each perspective shown on the video and the photos.

    The pictures would be especially important in the penalty phase, since the government said it wanted to prove the crime was committed in "an especially heinous, cruel or depraved manner in that it involved torture or serious physical abuse to the victim."

    The nature of the crime would constitute an "aggravating" factor that could convince a jury to approve the federal death penalty for Moussaoui.

    "Indeed, in his most recent ... filings, defendant seems to take great joy in the work of his fellow al-Qaida conspirators," the government said.

    Moussaoui, charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism and other conspiracy counts related to the attacks, attempted to plead guilty last month and then withdrew his plea.

    The defendant has admitted he's an al-Qaida member, but has not acknowledged a role in the attacks. (AP)

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    Talking Let me at him

    Do you know the damage that can be inflicted with a trucker's tire thumper? Me neither, let's let Zacarias Moussaoui be my test subjuct. I'll record it on video, for further research. Promise I'll write a case study about it, just so we can refer to it if the question would ever come up again. Why a tire thumper??? It is not as big as a baseball bat, but just looks fun...

    Later All... Be Safe. Drew

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    Default "MUTT LAWYERS"

    So what does your post have to do with "MUTT LAWYERS"? Give us a clue.
    Bob Compton

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    The defense lawyer wants to limit the evidence against this person.

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    Sounds like they are doing the job they are supposed to do. Having lawyers not do their job for this person would almost guarantee his release. And the lawyer is not trying to limit evidence, he is trying to limit information that will be used during sentencing. Pictures of the aftermath are not evidence, they will be used to dig up raw emotions hoping to cause a stiffer sentence. From what I have heard about this case (from tv and papers ) it looks like the guy may not even be found guilty. Just my opinion.

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