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    Angry Vermont-Possible Serial Arsonist

    TUNBRIDGE, Vt. (AP) - Roger Ingoldsby vividly remembers the
    childhood summers he spent at his family's Cape Cod-style country
    home on Goodwin Hill.
    He has memories of putting together puzzles with his siblings
    and taking trips to town; he can even recall when bells rang on V-J
    Day at the end of World War II.
    Only now, little remains of that cottage where his family came
    up to stay every summer from New York. Last month an arsonist
    torched the 1.25 story home at the end of a remote, one-lane gravel
    road, and the cottage burned to the ground.
    "There's a lot of emotional attachment to the house, a lot of
    memories that are just irreplaceable," said Ingoldsby, 65, whose
    family purchased the home in the 1940s.
    "This was really a shock, almost like a symbolic death in the
    family," he said.
    Ingoldsby family members have dated back to as early as the
    1840s and had been working to get it listed as a national historic
    Instead it became the second dwelling destroyed in what
    investigators now believe is a string of 10 midday arsons.
    Since the first fire was reported in mid-June, there have been
    three arsons in Chelsea, two in Tunbridge, two in Roxbury and two
    in Corinth. The most recent one was discovered July 31 in
    "The 10 that we think are connected have all been similar in
    location and usage, the seasonal type places," said Detective Sgt.
    Jonathan Keith said. "Nothing beyond that has gone up yet, and
    hopefully it won't."
    But throughout central Vermont, people living in remote areas
    are on heightened alert.
    "The citizens are somewhat scared," Keith said. "They're
    worried about going to work during the day, whether they'll get a
    call and find their house has burned."
    Police are urging residents to watch out for any unusual
    activity, and to keep a pencil and notebook handy to write down the
    plate numbers of any suspicious cars. There also have been
    additional patrols dispatched to some areas.
    Investigators say the suspect is a white male, in his teens to
    early 30s who drives a dull red or maroon older model sedan.
    Police say the arsons could be related to another series of
    fires earlier this year in Addison County, but a recent blaze that
    destroyed a camp in Marshfield is believed to be unrelated.
    Investigators believe the suspect must be familiar with the
    region's back roads because there have been multiple fires ignited
    on some dates.
    "This is a place you do not bump into; they're all in secluded
    back roads," Keith said. "There's been two or three scenes that
    you would not take a passenger car over that road unless you
    absolutely had to."
    Ingoldsby, who now lives in a home neighboring the burned-down
    cottage, agreed, saying few people even knew there was a home
    He wasn't concerned the morning of the arson when he heard a car
    driving up the road to the home.
    "I was working in my yard; I looked up the ridge and saw black
    smoke and rushed up, and it was fully engulfed already," Ingoldsby
    But he says the family knew right away that it had to be arson
    because the home had no electricity, and there was no lightning in
    sight that morning.
    "Immediately my son who called the fire department as I rushed
    up the hill said, 'Someday set it, Dad'," Ingoldsby said.
    By the time firefighters arrived, little could be saved except
    the hitching post.
    Keith says law enforcement is "very anxious" to find the
    suspected arsonist, who has been a source of aggravation not only
    for homeowners like Ingoldsby but especially one for area
    Yet Keith is cautious about speculating on the arsonist's
    motives, or on whether any more dwellings or homes will burn before
    he is caught.
    "If it is a game or something like that for him, I don't want
    to give him any more ammunition or satisfaction than absolutely
    Former forensic psychologist John Philpin of Reading says
    setting the fires gives the arsonist a tremendous sense of power
    and control.
    "Look at all the agencies he has running around trying to find
    him," Philpin said.
    Keith says that fortunately no one has been hurt yet in any of
    the blazes, including firefighters who have raced to secluded
    locations not knowing whether there may be people trapped inside
    the torched dwellings.
    "These roads are narrow, winding, mountainous roads," Keith
    said. "They're not the safest roads to be traveling a lot of
    traffic on."
    Philpin, the former forensic psychologist, is also concerned.
    "He's been discriminate in his own way in terms of selecting
    secluded (places)," Philpin said. "If he were to act on a
    weekend, would the building be occupied? We don't know that and
    that has to be of concern."
    Ingoldsby says the family had insurance, but probably not nearly
    enough to cover what he says the home is really worth. Everything
    was just as it was 100 years ago, and the family purposely kept it
    that way.
    Family members are considering whether to rebuild a home on the
    arson site. But in the meantime, Ingoldsby is hoping that a $2,000
    reward put up by a friend in addition to a $5,000 one offered by
    authorities will lead to the suspect's arrest.
    "No punishment would suffice, I think," he said.
    ****Anyone with information about any of these fires
    is asked to call the state police in Bethel at (802) 234-9933 or
    the arson tip line at 1-800-32-ARSON.
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    Post More

    Investigators looking for cause of camp fire

    (Tinmouth, Vermont-AP) -- Investigators are trying to determine
    if a fire that destroyed a second home in Tinmouth is related to a
    string of arson fires in Orange county.
    Tinmouth Fire Chief Marshall Squier says there was no obvious
    sign of arson in the fire that destroyed the second home belonging
    to Angela Coombs of Rutland.
    But given the nature of arson fires that have destroyed a number
    of camps he wants to make sure.
    Vermont State Police Sergeant Timothy Oliver says it's always
    suspicious when a vacant house burns down, but he needs to conduct
    tests before deciding on the cause.
    The fire was reported at about 10 a-m yesterday morning.

    (Copyright 2002 by The Associated Press
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    Arrow Investigation continues

    CHELSEA, Vt. (AP) - Police are investigating a 34-year-old
    Williamstown woman for a possible connection to a string of arsons
    in Essex, Orange and Washington counties.
    Cheryl Bador is a focus of the investigation by the Vermont
    State Police, said Dan Sedon, a lawyer representing Bador.
    "She's definitely a person of interest to the police, that's
    for sure," Sedon told the Valley News newspaper on Friday.
    "They've definitely focused on her."
    Bador's maroon 1994 Pontiac Bonneville has been impounded,
    Vermont State Police Detective Sgt. Jonathan Keith.
    Police would not comment further on Bador's status as a
    potential suspect.
    Police are looking for the perpetrator of 10 suspected arsons at
    rural camps in Essex, Orange and Washington counties that have been
    set since June.
    Police had said they were searching for a young male in
    connection with the fires.
    Police focused on Bador after witnesses linked a red or maroon
    General Motors car to three of the arsons and to a pair of drive-by
    shootings of rural camps and vehicles, Orange County Sheriff Dennis
    McClure said. Nobody was hurt in the shootings.
    "We provided through our investigation, some very critical
    information to this case," McClure said. He said his department
    dropped its investigation of two shootings when officers discovered
    that the shootings may have been related to the arsons.
    The most recent shooting occurred on Aug. 16 in Washington.
    Vermont Sen. Bill Doyle said he was at the camp of a college
    friend, John Bernard, on Hart Hollow Road. "We're having lunch,
    and we hear three shots," Doyle recalled. They looked outside and
    saw bullet holes in Bernard's car windshield, he said.
    One of Bernard's neighbors, who had seen a red car after a
    similar shooting in July, saw it again following the shooting at
    Bernard's. He called the sheriff's department, McClure said.
    Capt. Arnold Covey found Bador's maroon 1994 Pontiac Bonneville
    parked in front of a general store on Route 110 in Washington,
    McClure said.
    After an investigation law enforcement officials found that the
    pattern on her vehicle's tires appeared to match the tread pattern
    left on the dirt roads in front of the camps and homes that had
    been burned, McClure said. "The tire treads are very similar, but
    it would take a laboratory analysis to be sure," he said.
    Police impounded Bador's car on Sunday, McClure said. They
    obtained a warrant to search the car on Tuesday, he said.
    Although Bador is being investigated she has not been arrested,
    police said.
    "We still have a lot more work to do in this case," Keith
    said. "There are a lot of people out there who saw red cars. We
    have a lot more interviews, and the lab work is not done yet."
    The lab work includes comparisons of .22 caliber shell casings
    allegedly found in Bador's car and at the scenes of some of the
    arsons and shootings, Keith said.
    Eight of the 10 midday fires were in the Orange County towns of
    Chelsea, Tunbridge, Corinth and Washington. Two others were set in
    Roxbury in Washington County, and two were at camps in Essex
    The fires were all set in remote locations. All but one of the
    10 structures was destroyed.

    (Copyright 2002 by The Associated Press
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