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    Post Anne Arundel County, MD Stations

    (Annapolis-AP) -- A consultant's report say Anne Arundel County
    should build five fire stations within the next three years, and at
    least 14 more during the next decade.
    The report says the new stations will be needed to serve of the
    county's growing population. But the report doesn't say where to
    get the money to build them.
    Construction costs could total 100 (m) million dollars.
    An aide to County Executive Janet Owens says finding the money
    for all the stations could be difficult, but he says the
    administration is looking for ways to make it happen.
    Owens requested the survey a year ago, after an in-house review
    was criticized by some residents -- including people living in the
    Annapolis Neck area who have been begging for a firehouse of their
    own for two decades.

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    Default AACoFD stations

    The funny thing is about these reports, the firefighters in this county (the one I volunteer in) have been wanting to get and have supported getting a couple of the stations they mentioned in this article. It's hard to beleive that they spent $100,000 dollars for a report when they could have gotten the same results just by asking the firefighters.
    Also in this report, not mentioned in the brief story here, is that the recommend decreasing manpower at some of the busier stations and moving them to the slower stations so that they will all have 4 firefighters on duty. Keep in mind that these busy stations average 12-18 runs per day per apparatus (engine, truck, and paramedic unit per station) and they want to decrease their manpower. The slower stations might get 1 or 2 runs per day (some only if they're lucky) and they want to increase their staffing. Fortunately, the Chief of the Department recognizes that this is an absurd recommendation and plans to keep the staffing at current levels.
    The Chief did mention though that the report will be used to forecast upcoming budgets and does plan to try to get funding for some of these stations. Hopefully, the county council will adhere to this part of the reports recommendation and put up some more money.
    Sorry for the long post.

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