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    Default Detroit Fire Department

    Does anyone know the next date of testing for DFD? I have many family and friends that are very interested applying.

    Thanks for the help my fellow brothers and sisters.

    Lets be careful out thier and Stay Safe.

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    They are beginning a new class of 60 in September. These names will be off the old list. As of right now, Detroit is short about 140 FF's for full staffing. They should be giving another exam around March 2003. If the revenue sharing cuts are left, the department will not be doing any hiring for quite a while. Estimates are that the city may have to layoff up to 400 FF's and close as many as 15 Fire Companies if the revenue sharing is not reinstated. Detroit will only be one of many many cities that will lose police and fire because of this revenue sharing veto. There is suppose to be a vote on August 13th to override the veto. It is said that they have enough votes for the override but we'll see if the politicians have the ba!#s to actually override it.

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    You had a better be a black single woman that knows the pope to get on that fire department!!!! Last year people went through the test passed it went through background checks pretty much the whole process was completed. Butt in Detroit's wisdom they cut the whole list because of lack of minority's.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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