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    Post Preaching Innocence in Oklahoma

    "Maybe the altarboys didn't extinguish those 300 candles?

    DURANT, Okla. (AP) - A Durant pastor has proclaimed his own
    innocence from the pulpit after a church fire and declared that
    accusers will be punished in hell.
    "Me or the board of the First Assembly of God Church knew
    nothing, knows nothing, has no clue, just as those that are
    searching have no clue," Michael Bradley said in a copyright story
    from the Sunday Oklahoman.
    Bradley made the remarks as he spoke to about 80 members of his
    congregation meeting in a funeral home auditorium.
    "We had no part in that fire," he said. "But there will be a
    fire one day, and it's in a place called hell, and that's where the
    accusers of the brethren will be."
    Bradley, 28, has been questioned by Durant and federal
    authorities and has taken a polygraph test along with church board
    member Gary Hammel.
    "I was nervous like anybody," Bradley said. "A lot of the
    questions they would ask me were questions that would be difficult
    to understand, but I thought the polygraph test went real well."
    The Oklahoman reported, however, that Bradley failed the test
    while Hammel passed. The newspaper attributed the results to
    unnamed sources close to the investigation.
    Bradley has told investigators he believes the Ku Klux Klan is
    behind the Aug. 4 fire. He says his all-white church has been
    threatened because it invited a black gospel group to perform at a
    high school gymnasium. Bradley again raised the allegations of a
    hate crime when he spoke Wednesday to his congregation and to
    several federal agents who attended the service.
    "Do you realize there have been a lot of church arsons happen
    in the last year or two years and they have not made one conviction
    hardly?" he said. "Do you know why they don't want to see the
    KKK? It's because they can't control what they do."
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has said the arson does not
    appear to be a hate crime.
    No arrests have been made and the church is offering a $5,000
    reward for information that leads to an arrest.
    "When all the pieces get put together, we've got a good solid
    case to solve this crime," said Durant Fire Chief Steve Dow.
    "Christians are only human."
    Bradley has said he is preparing for whatever happens.
    "I know they're going come get me," he told The Oklahoman.
    "But I'm innocent. I'm not in the FBI's hands, I'm not in the
    ATF's hands, I'm not in the police chief's hands. I'm in God's

    (Copyright 2002 by The Associated Press
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    Default Hmmmmmmm.......

    Condemning the souls of the investigators to hellfire and brimstone for just asking him a few questions....bringing in the KKK and hate crime bit....failing a polygraph test......

    Up in Heaven, God looks down at this little debacle, reaches into his closet, dons his well encrusted leather New Yorker helmet and calls for a meeting with Pete Ganci, Mychal Judge and the rest of the Heaven FD command staff.

    Reverend Durant is in for a rude awakening!
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    the precher does protest to much me thinks
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    "Up in Heaven, God looks down at this little debacle, reaches into his closet, dons his well encrusted leather New Yorker helmet and calls for a meeting..."

    thank you captain, i needed that laugh. been a rough day....
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    Somebody wants to get a lightning conductor fitted, real quick!
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