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    Post Plane crash-Or was it?

    DORR TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) - A little confusion sent fire and
    rescue vehicles into an Allegan County neighborhood after a report
    of a single-engine plane crash.
    In reality, it was a crashed model plane.
    Fifteen-year-old Dan Buck was flying his radio-controlled model
    airplane when it broke apart and crashed on Friday. But at least
    one caller thought the plane was real - and dialed 911 for help.
    Allegan County emergency dispatch received a call just before 5
    p.m., alerting them to an orange plane that had just fallen from
    the sky.
    "It came across that the caller stated they saw ... the wing
    fall off," Dorr Assistant Fire Chief Norm Fifelski told The Grand
    Rapids Press. "That's when I became alarmed."
    Buck and his mother, Barbara Buck, said once rescuers realized
    the downed plane had a 7-foot wingspan, they "were kind of
    "They said, `Oh, that would be an awfully small pilot,"'
    Barbara Buck said.
    Friday's failed flight was the maiden voyage of a recently
    completed plane. It fell apart because of maneuvers Dan was
    attempting - what he calls the "snap rudder roll," loosely
    resembling a barrel roll.

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    There was a similar posting a few weeks ago on here about this situation.

    I have been interested in trying to get my own model airplane and many of them are 1/6 the size of a real plane. Many of them are almost 6 feet long and about 7 or 8 feet long. I can definitely agree that it was worth the call though.
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