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Wednesday, August 07, 2002

· MECHANICSBURG (CUMBERLAND Co.), PA: 2nd Alarm rear of 47 College St. 2 garages fully involved with possible extension to a church. [DC/PA1 O/S PA1]. 12:56a.m.

· HARTFORD, CT: Working fire at 37 Shultas Place 2.5-story wood frame occupied dwelling. Heavy fire showing from the 1st floor on arrival. *154.310* [TAC9-C09]. 1:34a.m.

· BRANFORD, CT: Working fire at 571 Main Street. A 1-story Commercial Bar/Restaurant with heavy fire condition. Exterior operation. M/A to work. *453.450* [TAC9-C09]. 1:46a.m.

· AUBURN, MA: Working fire+ on Stockbridge St. Reported fire in a 3-story Office building. 2 Tower Ladders operating. *154.385* [TAC9-C20]. 1:52a.m.

· BOSTON, MA: All Companies working at 22 Harvest Street. Engine Co. 21 reports fire showing on arrival from a structure. Co.'s charging lines. *483.1875* [TAC9-C20] 3:52a.m.

· Update – BOSTON, MA: Working fire - Box-7251 at 22 Harvest Street. Reported heavy fire in a 2.5-story occupied structure. All occupants out of the building. DWH *483.1875* [TAC9-C20]. 4:10a.m.

· Update – BOSTON, MA: Working fire Box-7251 at 22 Harvest Street. C-6 reports fire knocked down. Co.'s overhauling – PWH. *483.1875* [TAC9-C20]. 4:24a.m.

· NEW GARDEN (CHESTER Co.), PA: Broad Run Rd @ The Wilkenson Farm: 3rd Alarm hay pile fire. M/A Tankers from Lancaster County, PA and New Castle County, DE. Units on scene since early morning. Farm owner attempting to bury remaining piles in large pit. [EAN 23]. 6:04a.m.

· BEDFORD, MA: Working fire on South Road. Dwelling fire. M/A to the scene. [TAC9-C461]. 7:32a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – QUINCY, MA: Box-2116 at 61 Avalon Ave. OIC reports a 2.5-story wood frame multi-dwelling. Fire knocked down. *483.5375* [TAC9-C67]. 8:22a.m.

· QUINCY, MA: All Companies working at 299 Ricciut Drive. Companies report heavy smoke showing from a metal clad building 30x50. Deck Guns in operation. *483.5375* [TAC9-C67]. 8:58a.m.

· 2nd Alarm – QUINCY, MA: 299 Ricciut Drive. Heavy smoke showing from metal clad building-30x50. Deck Guns in operation with Chemicals in the building. *483.537* [TAC9-C67]. 9:03a.m.

· Update – QUINCY, MA: 2nd Alarm Box-4319 at 299 Ricciut Drive. Fire in metal clad building 30x50. 6 tons of Fertilizers inside building – DWH. *483,.5375* [TAC9-C67]. 9:13a.m.

· Update – QUINCY, MA: 2nd Alarm 299 Ricciuti Drive. Requests MSP Airwing for Recon-500 ' upwind zone of incident. *483.5375* [TAC9-C67]. 10:02a.m.

· STLFN: FESTUS (JEFFERSON Co.), MO: Festus FD has responded to a report of a small plane down in the area Hwy 61 & The Twin Gables Trailer Ct. (2miles S. of Festus Airport). [STL899]. 10:41a.m.

· STLFN: FESTUS (JEFFERSON Co.), MO: Update on the Report of a small plane down. Dispatch is reporting it's in the area of Hwy TT x Boyce Lane. (near Hwy 61 & Hwy TT). S/C for additional equipment. [STL899]. 10:52a.m.

· STLFN: FESTUS (JEFFERSON Co.), MO: Update small plane down – in the area of Hwy TT x Boyce Lane. (near Hwy 61 & Hwy TT). Reported as a red, white & yellow twin-engine plane with 1 soul on board. [STL899]. 10:55a.m.

· NEW ORLEANS, LA: *2nd Alarm* 1708 Elysian Fields Ave. 1-story wood dwelling - extended into a 2-story wood building exposure. Heavy fire. [NOLA]. 11:47a.m.

· STLFN: FESTUS (JEFFERSON Co.), MO: Update twin-engine plane down in the area of Hwy TT x Boyce Lane. (near Hwy 61 & Hwy TT). Festus FD has located the plane in a heavily wooded area. Trying to gain access at this time. [STL899]. 11:15a.m.

· PATERSON (PASSAIC Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** Franklin and Summer St. Heavy fire 2nd and 3rd floors of a 3-story frame with reported entrapment. [EAN18 * 38 * EAN301]. 12:03p.m.

· HOLLISTON, MA: Working fire at 414 Washington Street (Route 16) "Bertucci's Pizza." Heavy smoke showing from the roof. Sprinklers operating. *470.475* C105 [TAC9-C461]. 1:02p.m.

· STLFN: NORTHWOODS (ST.LOUIS Co.), MO: House fire on Willow Wood Dr. Smoke showing on arrival. Utilities notified. [STL899]. 1:35p.m.

· BOSTON, MA: All Companies working - 26 Eastman St. Box 1712 (Dorchester). Smoke showing on arrival *483.1875* [TAC9-C768]. 2:10p.m.

· KANSAS CITY, MO: Working fire @ 5517 Garfield x 55th Street. Heavy smoke showing from the 2nd floor of a 2-story frame. CAR105, P29, P35, P9, T11, T5. [KCFN-02]. 3:12p.m.

· PRINCE GEORGES Co., MD: **2nd Alarm on arrival** 815 8th St. (Co.10-Laurel). Fire in a Garden Apartment. [DC2]. 3:22p.m.

· MFN: PRINCE GEORGE Co., MD: Apartment fire – 2nd Alarm in the 800-block 8th St. Evacuations tones sound. Trying to confirm all Units out of basement. [MFN-8]. 3:43p.m.

· BATAVIA (KANE CO.), IL: A 3rd Alarm on Box 39-14 at 318 Union for a fire in a 2-story Apartment building 50 x 200. [CHGO-5/1/2/110/227/244/270/426]. 4:43p.m.

· BALTIMORE, MD (51-19): **2nd Alarm on arrival b/o BC-1** Dwellings at 2215-? Orleans St. (E. Baltimore). BC-1 reports heavy smoke from (3) brick rows. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 4:54p.m.

· BALTIMORE, MD: **2nd Alarm on arrival** Milton & Orleans St. Heavy smoke showing from (3) two-story row dwellings. [CW51/DC2]. 4:54p.m.

· MFN: BALTIMORE, MD: *2nd Alarm vacant dwellings on fire - 2200 Orleans St. Command reporting heavy fire in at least 3 vacant row homes. Smoke visible from AA Co. [MFN39/13/8 MFN1]. 5:03p.m.

· BALTIMORE, MD: 2nd Alarm Update: exact address 2215 Orleans St. Heavy fire original building extending via cockloft 5 other dwellings. [CW51/DC2]. 5:03p.m.

· Update - BALTIMORE, MD (51-19): **3rd Alarm for relief b/o BC-1** Vacant dwellings at 2215-? Orleans St. Heavy fire in (1) story brick vacant row with extension to either vacant exposure. Bulk of fire knocked down. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 5:24p.m.

· STLFN: It is with deep regret to announce the death of Mike Baer of the Indianapolis Fire Buffs, IFBA. Mike had been fighting a long time illness & died today in a rehab hospital in Indianapolis. May he rest in peace. [STL899]. 9:37p.m.

· NEW ORLEANS, LA: *2nd Alarm* Elysian Fields & N. Claiborne Ave. 2-story wood building. NFI. [NOLA]. 10:17p.m.

· 2nd Alarm – WORCESTER, MA: Harlem and Perry Streets. 3-story wood frame with heavy smoke showing from 2nd and 3rd floors. *800* [TAC9-C105]. 10:19p.m.

· NEW ORLEANS, LA: *2nd Alarm* 4308 Maple Leaf Dr. 2-story brick & wood Apartment building. 1 Apartment involved. [NOLA]. 10:22p.m.

· 2nd Alarm – DENNIS, MA: 432 Old Chatham Rd "Bay Colony Condos" Chatham Building. Heavy fire showing from the 4th floor. *800* [TAC9-C105]. 10:41p.m.

· 3rd Alarm – DENNIS, MA: 432 Old Colony Rd. "Bay Colony Condos" Chatham Building. Heavy fire showing from 2 floors in the rear. *800* [TAC9-C105]. 10:41p.m.

· NEW ORLEANS, LA: *2nd Alarm* N. Claiborne & Elysian Fields. 2-story wood frame building - heavily involved with exposures. [NOLA]. 10:52p.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a working Still Alarm for a fire in a house in the 5000 block of Arlington. Pumper 12 reports fire showing 1 line off. PUMPERS: 27, 12, 24, HL15, BC806. [STL819]. 10:55p.m.

· Update – DENNIS, MA: 3rd Alarm 432 Old Chatham Rd. OIC reports fire 2nd, 3rd floors and into the attic. Heavy fire on the exterior has been knocked down. Fire is still DWH. *800* [TAC9-C105]. 10:57p.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update on STLFD's working garage fire in the 5000 block of Arlington. BC806 reports a fire in a 1-story frame. They are making an interior attack and conducting a primary search at this time. [STL819]. 11:01p.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update on STLFD's working Still Alarm house fire in the 5000 block of Arlington. BC806 reports 2 lines off and the fire has been knocked down. [STL819]. 11:15p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for August 7, 2002 ***

FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and we will soon add Eastern Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. Beginning in 2002, we will be sending all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an email address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information, you can contact us at our office, (937) 399-4197, email us at info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0021
Cincinnati: W/F Box # 1962 For 3217 Clifton Ave @ Good Sam Hospital. Dist 3 reports smoke on 5th floor of 11 sty brk Hospital. Cos: Eng 34, 19, 20, Trk 19, 20, Dist 3. Eng 12 - RIT. Res 38, & Dist 1 OTW. FPO/D605 ©

- 0023
Cincinnati: W/F Box # 1962 for 3217 Clifton Ave @ Good Sam Hospital. Dist 3 reports fire K/D. Checking for extension. Cancen the RIT, Rescue & 2nd Dist Chief. Holding all others. FPO/D605 ©

- 0929
McKean, PA (Erie): MVA/ROLLOVER I-90 EB 1 mile East of I-79. Rollver into Ravine with person pinned. Cos: Eng 63, Squad 64, Med 2, Chief 400. FPO/D801 ©

- 0936
McKean, PA (Erie): MVA/ROLLOVER I-90 EB 1 mile East of I-79. This is in Perry Hi-Way's area. Add Squad 76, 79, Eng 72, Res74cuE, Med 30, Chief 420. Life*Star Helo on Stand-By. FPO/D801 ©

- 1026
Cleveland: W/F 1948 Carter St. 1.5 sty brk comm'l bldg. Cos: Eng 2, 4, 20, Lad 1, squad 2, & BN 4. Eng 7 - Worker. Lad 7 - RIT. FPO/D703* ©

- 1247
West Liberty (Logan): W/F 2996 CR 11. House fire. M/A Zanesfield, Bellefontaine for engines/tankers. FPO/D276 ©

- 1307
West Liberty (Logan): W/F 2996 CR 11. Add'l M/A from DeGraff for tanker/manpower. FPO/D276 ©

- 1419
Erie, PA: W/F Box # 162 @ 453 East 14th. Cos: Eng 3, 8, 13, T/L 2, DC 322. Smoke from 2nd floor/attic of 2.5 sty house. FPO/801/D276 ©

- 1425
Erie, PA: W/F Box # 162 @ 453 East 14th. Bulk of fire K/D. Arson S/C'd. FPO/801/D276 ©

- 1535
Warren (Trumbull): (Delayed from 0745) W/F 4th & Hayes. 2.5 sty house. Cos: Eng 6, Lad 1, Squad 1, & Car 12. FPO/258/D323 ©

- 1742
Dayton: Extra Company MVA East 3rd & Monmouth. All injuries appear minor. Eng 18 requesting 3rd Medic. FPO/D320 ©

- 2027
Berlin Twp (Delaware): *Water Rescue* Alum Creek Beach. Water Skiing accident. Sta 390 with the boat, DelCo Med 2 working. MedFlight S/C'd. FPO/D276 ©

- 2027
Berlin Twp (Delaware): *Water Rescue* Alum Creek Beach. Orange Twp Eng 361 S/C'd for LZ set-up. BN 391 also on scene. FPO/D276 ©

- 2304
Homer Fire/Utica EMS (Licking): MVA/TRAUMA on US 62. Multi-car head-on MVA, Utica EMS for 2 Medics, Homer Fire for Engine & Rescue. MedFlight # 4 (117M) S/C'd. FPO/D249 ©

- 2346
Broadview Heights (Cuyahoga): MVA/PIN on The Ohio Turnpike. Rollover MVA, 2 victims. 2 MLF Helos S/C'd. FPO/D703 ©

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NEFNN CONNECTICUT FIRE LOG (http://www.nefnn.com)
-by Scott Harris


1647 W/F+ COLCHESTER CONN Rte 149 near Cemetary Rd barn fire (struck by lightning) mutual aid tankers to the fire

1751 W/F BLOOMFIELD CONN (Blue Hills) on Blue Hills Ave at the Hartford city line 3-story frame - fire top floor due to lightning strike - Hartford FD also struck their Box 747 for this fire - both departments operated at the scene

2007 W/F MERIDEN CONN Box 681 27 South Vine St 1.5-story frame dwelling - attic fire due to lightning strike

2036 W/F GRANBY CONN on Boxwood Court "Gables Condos" - fire in (2) units


0338 2nd ALM HARTFORD CONN Box 357 198 Park St 3-story brick well involved with extension to a similar exposure - numerous rescues were made over ground ladders at this fire

2157 ACW MERIDEN CONN Box 641 125 Elmwood Dr - fire in the attic of a single family dwelling


0358 W/F+ MERIDEN CONN Box 656 375 South Broad St "Langan Volkswagon" - automobile fully involved inside the service garage - heavy heat/smoke damage throughout

1754 ACW NEW HAVEN CONN Box 818 Lombard & Rowe Sts - fire in the basement of a deli

1842 ACW MERIDEN CONN Box 411 55 Willow St "Community Towers" 10-story elderly hi-rise - mattress fire in an apartment on floor #3 with sprinkler activation


1511 W/F NEW BRITAIN CONN 50 Stonegate Rd 2.5-story brick 4-unit OMD - special call additional ladder

2000 SMALL PLANE CRASH DANBURY CONN on Marc Rd near the Danbury Airport - 2 injuries


0512 2nd ALM HARTFORD CONN Box 47 876 Broad St (near Park St) occupied 2.5-story frame - heavy fire rear stairwell extended up thru the roof - fire spread to adjacent 4-story brick exposure building but was contained by sprinklers - all companies were ordered to evacuate the original fire building


0145 W/F+ BRANFORD CONN 571 Main St "Short Beach Saloon" 1-story frame - heavy fire throughout - mutual aid from Guilford & East Haven to the fire - exterior ops

0220 W/F HARTFORD CONN Box 542 37 Shultas Place occupied 2.5-story frame - heavy fire floor #1




Media Contact:

District Fire Chief Glen Coleman 352-2333
Date: 08/07/02
Time: 12:08 a.m.
Good morning,

This is Cincinnati Fire District 3 Chief Glenn Coleman reporting on a one-alarm fire that occurred this morning at Good Samaritan Hospital. Fire companies were dispatched at 12:08 a.m. for a smell of smoke on the hospital's fifth floor.

When firefighters reached the fifth floor they found smoke in the cafeteria area; next they discovered a fire in the grill area of the cafeteria. The fire was being controlled by a suppression system. Firefighters were able to finally extinguish the fire by using fire extinguishers.

The fire was confined to the grill area and its hood system. The fire started when the deep fryers were left on and reached a high enough temperature to ignite the grease, then the fire spread to the hood area. The loss is estimated at $20,000.

The Cincinnati Health department was called to the scene because the fire occurred in the kitchen area, and food was exposed to smoke, water, and carbon dioxide from carbon dioxide extinguishers.

Firefighters were on the scene approximately an hour. Four engine companies, two ladder companies, one rescue unit, and two District Chiefs were used to battle the fire; approximately 28 firefighters. For additional information contact District 3 Chief Glenn Coleman at 352-2333.

Fredrick A. Prather

Fredrick A. Prather, District Fire Chief
Cincinnati Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau
430 Central Avenue Cincinnati,
Ohio 45202-2642
Phone: (513) 357-7595, Fax: (513) 357-7579




for August 7th:

1901: @ approximately 2200hrs, upon hearing (3) taps on the gong, Engineman John A. Bannon, E-13, jumped out of bed & ran for the pole - He did not reach the pole, but stumbled & plunged head 1st through the opening to the floor below - He landed on his head & never spoke afterward - Bannon sustained fractures to the head, base of skull, collarbone, & a number of ribs - Pipeman Clifton Headly, who was behind Bannon, tried to catch him as he started downward, but failed - Engineman Bannon was a native of Ireland & was 60 years old with 25 years in the fire service - He was brought to this country as a child - He had been connected with E's 3, 4, 8, & 13 & was regarded as a brave fireman - Bannon was buried on 8/10/1901 in the New Cathedral Cemetery. (CHM1*TUH)

1959: 5 Alarms - Box#8922 - 2210 Roslyn Ave - Walbrook (Northwest Of Downtown) - Fire involved an apartment building. (CHM1)

1972: 5 Alarms - Box#1842 - 0424hrs - Newgate Ave & Haven St - Canton (Southeast Baltimore) - Fire involved the 3 story Atlantic Shipping Company Warehouse located on Pier#7 - The building was used to store, process, & bag fish meal - (5) more alarms were sounded in 17 minutes as flames & heavy black smoke belched skyward - The fire started on the land end of the pier & spread to the water end very quickly - A problem soon erupted as tons of fish meal washed out of the burning building, surrounding (6) rigs in a 4' pile of mush - A reserve fireboat was pressed into service when a large barge broke loose from the pier & sealed "The Mayor Harold W. Grady", E-39, into a fixed position as it was pouring tons of water on the blaze - Firefighters had to battle a sea of oozing, smelling mud-like fishmeal, that was considered a great deal tougher than dousing the flames - The early morning air was odorous with the smell of the old time open garbage cart, & the muck almost sucked a firefighter's boots off with every step he took - It was the messiest fire ever - Firefighters would fall & be unable to get up, & had to use life lines stretched from the burning building to boxcars standing on the pier in order to navigate - After the fire was extinguished, firefighters used charged hose lines to extricate the rigs, & days of labor to clean the muck off afterwards. (TUH)

2000: 2 Alarms - Box#29-9 - 0438hrs - 2623 Park Heights Terr - Park Heights (Northwest Baltimore) - Fire involved a 2 story brick dwelling - There were (3) civilian fatalities - (Note: Companies with a "*" have been disbanded) 1st alarm @ 0438hrs = E-29, E-52, E-46, E-40, T-12, T-25, & *BC-7* (Now BC-5) - Working fire @ 0448hrs = T-16, Air Cascade-1, & BC-3 - 2nd alarm @ 0503hrs = E-44, E-13, T-10, & Rescue-1 - Fire under control @ 0519hrs - Transfers = T-8/T-12, E-43/E-46, E-31/E-29 - "C" Shift. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman



Box 54 Club, Located in Bergen County, Township of Teaneck, New Jersey. Trained in providing fireground rehabilitation to emergency workers since 1952

"Proud Members of the IFBA"

Check us out at: http://www.box54.org


IEMA G-SAR Course - Madison County, IL

The Madison County Emergency Management Agency & AVEC Search & Rescue will be hosting Basic Ground Search & Rescue Course in the Alton Illinois area Saturday & Sunday 26-27 October 2002. This course is certified & instructed by the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.

The course is part classroom but the majority is in the field. There is NO cost for the course. There is a minimum equipment list that will be forwarded later.

Please contact us if you are interested. Forward us your Name, Department\Agency, Address, County, Phone, e-mail & any other info you think we need. We will send you an application & a Equipment list on your request.

AVEC Training Officer - Lee Hess FiremanP2@cs.com

or AVEC Search & Rescue 2400 Bloomer Drive Alton, Illinois 62202

Please pass this to anyone that might be interested. Thank You, Ted Lohr

Ted E. Lohr, EMT-P
AVEC-SAR, ISAR & Stygian Grotto
Madison County SkyWarn
Member: NASAR #123688 & NSS #51516


Commander Brian Carter & Training Officer Lee Hess of the Alton Volunteer Emergency Corps. (AVEC Search & Rescue).


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