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    Smile ANOTHER POSSIBLE GRANT SOURCE ( for some of us )

    Hi Everyone !!

    I made my usual weekly call to my Senators office this morning to see if they had any news. They haven't heard anything new about FEMA yet.... B U T !! one of the girls in the office read me a notice that they received on Friday that might be of interest to some of us.

    The Dept of Agriculture rual housing service announced that they will be accepting applications for grants and loads next month for the coming year. The notice talks about including "purchase of fire fighting equipment for rural areas including ambulance services".

    I don't think I am eligible to apply since our area is really a suburb and not a rural area. But maybe some of you might fit the requirements. The grant info is as follows :

    10.766 Community Facilities Loans and Grants
    Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act, as ammended,
    section 306, Public Law 92-419, 7 U.S.C. 1926

    You can get more info on this grant from the CFDA website linked from the FEMA website.

    I hope someone who reads this will be able to apply !!


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    Lightbulb Hmmm...

    it's worth investigating

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    Yes, the USDA does have grants and low interest loans available to fire departments for fire trucks, stations and so forth.

    When we checked into this, there was a lot of Red Tape. You actually applied for a low interest loan. They reviewed your application and then if they had some grant money to give, then there was a possibilty of a grant. Maybe half a grant and half a loan. From what I've heard, you very rarely get the full grant amount. This was a couple of years ago and the ruled might have changed.

    I know a neighboring department got a 80,000 grant for a new pumper and another dept got 50,000 for a new ambulance just a few weeks ago.

    I'm pretty sure you have to live in a rural area and have a population of under 20,000.

    Not sure on the paticulars though.

    For more info


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    The USDA program is a grant/loan combo. We applied for a grant to replace our engine and was offered a small grant along with a low interest loan. But due to the fact that we are limited to $14,000 per year from our township and have to raise the rest of our operating funds on our own time, we felt that we could not afford the loan and was forced to pass.
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    Todd was close on some of the limitations on population but I think it's a lot lower, closer to 10,000 or under.

    Our borough has a population of slightly over 5,000 so we would qualify there but there is also a median income level of under $35,000 that you have to qualify for.

    I tried last year for one and got shot down due to the income level. We've turned into a bedroom community and the new residents brought a lot of income with them. It's just a shame we have a hard time getting them to contribute to the fund drive.
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    Exclamation USDA Rural Development Community Facilities Loan/Grants

    Our department applied for and received a grant/loan last year from Rural Development to build our station and buy some equipment. It was a low interest (4.75 %) loan with a 15% grant. $57K loan/ $10K grant The loan must be spent on the "project" before the grant money is released. The program is for rural departments (not sure on population requirements), it can be for trucks, PPE, loose equipment or construction....pretty much anything relating to improving fire protection for rural communities. There are different formulas, based on census figures, for the percentage of grant that you may qualify for. There are also different lengths of loan terms. Basically they relate to the life expectancy of the item purchased. A building lasts longer than a truck, longer than PPE. There are many variables.
    A department in the other end of our county qualifies for a 25%loan/75% grant due to income and type of population covered. I'm not sure of all the fine details, but they are looking to buy a "new to them" truck.
    A construction loan is a lot of paperwork, but it was the only way we were going to get a station built any time soon and nobody was giving us a building !!
    The USDA program has lots of good points, one being that (in our area anyway) it is non-competitive. First come first served, until the money budgeted runs out. Here there are more loan $$$ than grant $$$ But we will be dedicating our new station on 9/11 , so it worked for us.

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    We applied for a combination grant from USDA, CDBG, and another grant issuer called Dakota Prairies. We were putting in a third of the total and CBDG and DP about half the remaining balance with USDA the rest. USDA told us that because of the dollar amount that would be granted they would become a permanent co-property owner of the item we were going to purchase. In effect we would use the granted item for its purpose thru its life expectancy or until we no longer wanted it, we would then have to either turn it back to them or ask them if we could trade or dispose of the item. Our Board of Directors felt that was not a good idea considering the small amount of dollars USDA was contributing compared to what we or CDBG were putting in. There is a certain dollar figure that this condition kicks in at. And like a previous post said, a "LOT OF RED TAPE". BUT THEN so are the CDBG grants, and lots of leg work too!! Twice successful!

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