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    A dear friend of mine lost a loved one while in the line of duty. I would like to make a donation in her name, however I would be most grateful for some feedback from Fire Professionals, with regards to respected fundraising groups or foundations which speak to Firefighter's needs and/or issues. I would prefer to be able to go ahead and make this gesture in her memory, without having to ask my grieving friend for the above information. Thanking you all in advance.

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    Default Ideas for donations

    Obviously, your donation would reflect your thoughts and love, respect for the individual, and of course your "means". and should also reflect the individual's location, backround, hopes and purhaps dreams as well.

    depending on the area, and situation, If he was a career firefighter, I would suggest a donation to the local burns care foundation you might need to contact the local fire department or hosptital to find out about the program, typically, most Fire Departments, union locals support the local bUrns care facility, another possibility is a donation in his name, to memorialize him with his Department (some places memorialize fallen firefighters, some idividual memebers,,, again contact his department to see how they do it. purhaps his department (and he would prefer a donation to an organization, such as the jerry lewis/labor day telethon, or in my area, we host a summer camp for the childen who have suffered burns and scaring... there might also be the oppoutunity to donate a piece of equiptment in his name, of course this is dependant on your resources and willigness to work with the department to see what sorts of things they might need, such as a thermal imaging camera, which are somewhat costly... (purhaps you could start a FUND towards the purchase of same in his name) I think the all around best way would be to contact his department for suggestions and direction as to what sorts of things they support, and or "need" or wish they could budget..... I hope this helps... Jim
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