Pipe and Drums bands that honor our memebers, A pLace where these brothers can make contacts with other from across the country who also engage in this most honorable activity. F.D. Pipes and Drums organizations have grown in this country since FDNY founded its group in 1962, I know, that in my own area, Boston (1982) Connecticut (1992) are some of the larger regional, but also Worcester ('95?) Springfield/Holyoke (?) New Haven County, Manchester, now New London, and I know there are several county bands in NY and NJ, Orange cty Calif, Colorado, Cleveland, Oh and numerous other areas both affiliated with (other ie: emerald societies) and not afiliated I do not know just how active the forum would be But I do know that these groups have a major impact on our fire service brothers and sisters as well as the public
And After My personal involvement with many local engagements, including the brothers lost at the Worchester Cold Storage Fire, I can only imagine the stresses and strains that the brothers in FDNY suffered, as members of the Pipes and Drums.... personally, I have buried Chiefs and firefighters I came on the job with, that worked in my house, I have traveled back home and played for guys that mentored me coming up... I have played line of duties from every county in my state as well as memorials 25 years after the incident, (hotel vendome collapse in Boston) and have shared those times with some of the best times of my life... Pipe bands are an integral part of our fire service history, a proud tradition brought us by one group that has left an indelable mark on the history and traditions of our fire service both here in the states as well as throughout the world... the time and effort put forth by pipe band members to honor the brothers is unlike any other, largely out of pocket expenses are steep, time put forth, away from they're families is large, and many of these musicians are working on companies that are far from slow, its truely a major committment and I beleve that they are truely the elite of the elite...
I would hope that the forum would not only allow band members to discuss various issues, but also allow others to learn what actually goes into being one of these elite members.

Thanks for the consideration