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    Angry Fireman's Fund drops FDNY

    Insurance companies just love to take your money....oh, but by the way...thanks for the cash, but we decided not to renew your policy.

    Read carefully....As I interpret this...this apparently does not affect anything except some civilian employees, 11 union vehicles and the offices!

    NEW YORK (AP) - Fireman's Fund, the insurance company famous for
    its fire hat logo that has long insured the union for New York
    City's Bravest, is opting out, the union and its insurance agent
    said Wednesday.
    "It's hard to believe that the company called Fireman's, with
    the fire hat logo, is throwing out the firefighters' union, but
    it's true," said Ken Hehir, the union's independent insurance
    The Uniformed Firefighters Association received a non-renewal
    notice from the Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. on Wednesday, he said.
    The policy expires in November.
    The company has insured about 24 civilian employees of the
    9,000-member union, the union's 11 vehicles and its offices on 23rd
    Street in Manhattan for seven years, union spokesman Tom Butler
    "Our understanding is that they think Manhattan's too great of
    a risk and they don't want to insure labor unions anymore,"
    spokesman Tom Butler said.
    Several telephone calls to the company seeking comment were not
    immediately returned Wednesday, but Hehir said he was told by the
    Fireman's Fund that the company was "changing its philosophy."
    Hehir said that the Novato, Calif.-based company tried to pull
    out of the UFA in November but that he had told Fireman's Fund
    officials it was too soon after the Sept. 11 attack on the World
    Trade Center, in which 343 firefighters were killed.
    On the Net:
    Fireman's Fund Insurance Co.: http://www.firemansfund.com/

    APTV 08-15-02 0153EDT
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    Default New Name for "Firemen's Fund"

    Maybe they should change their name to "MUTT Fund"

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    Maybe fire departments should look some place else for insurance. Don't renew thier policies. This will really put the hurt on them.
    Andrew J. LaPrise

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