I had waited and hoped that after all of the hell, fire and brimstone that this would quickly be resolved but it appears that everything will stand.

While IAFF President S. has said that he will not exercise the boycott option, he has also not stood out loud and clear and said we endorse the memorial service and urge all IAFF members to attend. But again, its politics that he is up against. The delegates present at the convention made a motion that has put the stranglehold on how he can respond.

Think about it. These delegates (who many are union hardliners) have made it clear to President S. as to how they feel. Its emotional while not very rational. So that places Harold in a position that he cannot openly urge members to attend in any published format as the hardliners will feel as though he buckled under pressure. On the other hand, all the IAFF members that I have talked to personally and by email that are not at the convention, disagree with any such boycott. So there is no chance that Harold can do the right thing and thats just what the hardliners wanted. They have succeeded!

Those of you, like me that are union members must not quit and let them succeed but it is time that we consider reelecting our delegates more selectively.

Take care and God Bless!