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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas

    Default Insert Weird News Heading Here....


    very interesting....

    at least the police officers were smart enough to take off their stuff.
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    Default Headline

    I see dumb people.
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    "Crook just doesn't get the picture."
    It is nice to see the crooks are trying to help the police out by being so stupid. It must be kind of a stress reliever for the cops to be able to laugh their @$$ off at some of these crooks.
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    Default ...and the winner of the holding their breath under water competition is...

    This happens quite a bit where I live & work. We have a long river that divides up the biggest town in the area and people are always trying to evade the Police by swimming it. We even had one guy a few years ago tried to keep the cops at arms length by swimming DOWN the river. The cops on the other hand just walked along the bankside until he got so tired he could even keep his head above the water, then hauled him out.

    On the other hand, sometimes the cops are guilty of doing silly things around water. I work for Police Comms in my fulltime job and a while back two of my patrols were called to the river for a reported person in difficulties. On arrival, they could see the victim bobbing up and down, so took the decision to go and get him as he was too far away to catch a lifebelt etc. One of the guys took off his gear, handed his radio, torch, warrant card (ID card), wallet and the police car keys to the other officer and jumped in....guess what the other cop did too... He is still known, years later as "Diver Dan"
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