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    Default The Forums & Moderation (and In Moderation)

    We found this Terms of Service on another site and found it somewhat appropriate to post here, as its very clear and exactly what happens here. In the past few days we've acted on several users, some new, some repeat problems. We have a very tough job to do, and sometimes you won't agree, but overall we do everything in our power to keep this place clean and professional:

    Here's something from another large forum (a bit more spunky than our own TOS, but completely applicable)

    1. Thou Shalt Not Flame. Even if you strongly hate the content of a post, and detest the individual to whom you're responding so strongly you dream of seeing Bill Gates playing softball with his internal organs, please exercise restraint and post without flames. (You are allowed, however, to make rude facial expressions and socially unacceptable hand gestures as you press "submit.")

    2. Thou Shalt Not Spam. Post it once, and post it nice, and please don't ever post it twice. (There's a song there somewhere.) Pick a forum, pick a message, and that's that. Don't post in every forum with the same message. If it's a general post, use one of our general forums. If it's specific to a classĄ£ well.. you follow the drift. (If it's major news, mail the news staff.)

    3. Thou Shalt Not Advertise. We don't care if you want to help us earn money while we surf the net. We don't care of you found Britney Spears' personal "nude" photo album (well maybe a few of us do). This is our site, and we don't bring it to you to see it reduced to a Link-o-Matic bulletin board service.

    4. Thou Shalt Not Post Naughty Links. This is beyond advertising. Do this, you earn a drop kick into the next timezone and an instant account deletion, without a second glance. This forum is for mature people, but we all know there are a ton of kids of varying ages and lots of different types of people who play games and who visit our site. Even if this wasn't the case, we just don't want porn and other yucky stuff on our boards.

    5. Thou Shalt Not Engage in Posting Wars. Hey, it gives us a warm feeling in our tummies that you care about your post count and your forum ranking here, but if we see you posting meaningless tripe to edge up the count, or using the forum for a chitchat better suited to ICQ or AIM or our wonderful chat room we'll ask you to stop. And reset your post counter to -450. Yeah, we're evil like that.

    6. Thou Shalt Not Spoof. Don't make up an account name designed to resemble another poster. If you're banned for some reason, don't keep coming back with "Fred," "Fred the Undead" and "Fred Yet Again." If you were banned, take it like a manĄ£ wellll, take it like a reasonable person, and accept your fate. If you wish, you may appeal the account closure to the site admin. Oh, and for God's sake, don't make up additional accounts to respond to yourself. (People who talk to themselves used to be burned at the stake as witches; we still hold to that belief system

    7. Thou Shalt Not Mention "Freedom of Speech." Or we'll vomit. All over your new clothes, we promise you. This is a private forum, and you are our invited guests. The administrators have a tough job, trying to keep the forums clean and presentable while not willingly stifling open discussion. If a thread or post is locked or deleted, that was the necessary step to take in the judgment of the administrator. Please don't bandy irrelevant constitutional law and hope to plea the case for less "censorship." Don't start a vote, don't throw food, don't throw a hissy fit, don't light up torches and mob our central office. We don't censor, we exercise judgment and quality control on something in which we invest a lot of time and effort. Bottom line: these are private forums, you being able to post here is a privilage, XXXXXX pays for the hosting service which these forums run off; thus we owe you nothing, freedom of speech is dead here, if we dont like what you have say: YOU ARE GONE."

    Again, not our TOS, but very similar in what we strive to accomplish...a balance to keep the majority of users coming back and not turned off by what they see here.


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    Very well put!

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    Talking hmmmmmm

    I know I have been in trouble on here before and I appreciate the tolerance of the WEBTEAM.

    While the TOS in this thread is a bit amusing, I am hoping that you stick to your original one and don't go to this type even though they sort of parallel.

    I would like to see the WEBTEAM come up with some disciplinary actions policies that they follow. I mean...sure...if a person is volatile and uncontrollable then smack em.. But otherwise for simple problems (even repeat problems) come up with suspension guidelines....example....(just off the cuff guys and using innappropriate "attacks" as for the offense)

    1st offense..email to offender from webteam...require edit of post and appology included, 30 day probation)
    2nd offense..post deleted by webteam and two week suspension
    3rd offense..same as above with 30 day suspension, 6 month probation
    4th offense if it occurs during probation..same as above with 60 day suspension, 12 month probation
    5th offense if it occurs during probation..1 year suspension and 6 month probation
    6th offense..Expulsion

    Let's face it...some of the subjects here are very volatile and emotions roll freely. I agree that we should think before we write and press the "send" button, but even the best of us waiver from time to time. I don't think the malice is there...but it just happens and we don't deserve to be booted for life from an adjunct to our job that is very useful and provides extensive information exchange opportunities...

    And....even though we may get in trouble...given enough behavior modification training, we all make improvements...even though we may still sway from time to time..
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    I agree with capt', but I don't think the discipline scale should be that elaborate. I think 3-4 chances tops, would be a good number. If you drag it out too much people may think they are untouchable. Just my thoughts.
    K.A. Dempsey
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    letting everyone flog the person until it's removed?
    Methinks that comment is the sort of thing being spoken about. go back to the word WE at the start of the thread, and read again please.
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    A 'disipline scale' isn't a bad idea, but for all I know, the Webteam uses one already. Anyway, remember that it's their board, and if they want to randomly draw a name out of the cyber-hat and kick that person off once a week, then they can.

    I like the TOS that the Webteam dug up---if only we could write our SOGs like that....
    Bryan Beall
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    I like the idea of a 'discipline scale' as well. However I think it depends on the content and degree of the 'offensive' material. It is possible for anyone one of us to say something on here, that will be taken out of context, simply due to the nature of the medium. I believe it also depends on whether the author of the offensive material makes an effort to correct the situation. If it comes down to a case where it is mostly typos (not spelling - misuse of words), then maybe the WT could implement something that before that users post can be posted it has to be previewed. I'm sure that would take an extreme amount of work on the WT's part and it is probably unreasonable to expect that they implement something like that. As Silver said, they reserve the right to boot anyone anytime for anything the deem inappropriate. It's their world, we are just guests here.

    WT Nice version of TOS

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    If we all think about what we type BEFORE pressing the send key, then the Webbies won't have to worry about what goes on down here in Forum Land. Basically we just have to treat others as we would like, and expect to be treated ourselves. What they are saying seems very reasonable to me & Tempie hit the nail on the head, we are guests, and guests sometimes outstay their welcome.
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    If I had posted the original version of some of my posts, I would have been gone long ago, and had people lined up ouside my house in a manner reminiscent of the scene out of the Frankenstein movie. I learned in my anger managem...er...uh...Officer Leadership classes to think before you speak. Not bad advise all in all...even here.
    Steve Gallagher
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    I had a great post to put here, but I chicked-out. Deleated the whole thing.

    The "Webteam" IS right. They OWN this site.

    I guess I always believed that "Journalist" B.S. about " . . . consisting of the direct presention of facts or occurrences with little attempt at analysis or interpretation . . . (of) (w)ritten material of current interest" . . .

    Why do I feel like Ben Franklin & George Washinton (and I might add, my G.G.G.G.G-what-ever-Grandfather, Horatio Gates, who makes me elligible for membership in the S.A.R.), are "rolling over" in their graves???

    God (what-ever-it-he-she-them-might-be) bless ya!
    Ya'll need to have a beer ( or 2 or 3 or . . . )and RELAX !!!!
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    Wish I had found this thread before my last post. Like many, I have a few (few?) pet peeves in this wonderful business that I have been engaged in for the past 44 years, and, I have learned that my pet peeve just may be at right angles with what is at the heart of your dream to make the world a better place. My apologies to anyone who may be offended, but they call this a forum for a good reason.
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    Default What i do

    I am not a fire fighter. I was looking for info on 9/11 because that dreadful date is coming up. But I do run my own forum and would like to share what I do.
    1st offense. Edit post and also reply to it saying why it was edited. They will get a email response as them thinking someone did reply. Also it shows others this is not tolerated.
    2nd offense. Post edited again and also what we call banned for x amount of days. Explained in the post why they were and how many days they will be banned.
    3rd offense. Gone for good. Remember even in this country we have 3 strikes your out law.
    P.S if I am wrong to post on this forum please for give me and delete my account.
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    I recall the obituary of "Common Sense" that I think CaptStan may have posted here a while back. If everyone here tries to apply common sense to their posts (before hitting the submit button) the webteam will have a lot less to worry about.

    I do frequent another prefession-based forum (my paid profession, law enforcement) and the webteam there has a very strict TOS that they enforce. Don't have it handy, but it's a structure set up with escalating punishments (you're gone after three), but also ranks "violations", so that you may not get your three strikes before you're gone (or if minor, you may get more than three strikes).

    I've found this forum to be a great source of information, great entertainment at times, and a great benefit to the comeraderie of the firefighting brotherhood. Let's try to keep it that way.

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