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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

· STLFN: FRANKLIN Co., MO: St. Clair FPD has a house fire on Navajo Trail in Lake Arrowhead Subdivision. Companies: 8313, 8323, 8325, 8326, 8335, 8345, 8372, 8537, 7723 & 8302. 8372 on scene with heavy fire showing. [STL818]. 12:46a.m.

· Update - JERSEY CITY (HUDSON Co.), NJ: ****4th Alarm**** Box-959 Clerk near Forest. 1 firefighter at Jersey City Medical Center with chest pains. Chief Of Department en-route. Companies making good progress. Most fire knocked down. Partial collapses. Appears P.W.H. [EAN301]. 1:03a.m.

· ELIZABETHTOWN (LANCASTER Co.), PA: 2nd Alarm and S/C's 166 Risser Rd. Very large barn - fully involved. M/A Dauphin, Labanon and York Co. [DC/PA]. 2:50a.m.

· 2nd Alarm - WEST HAVEN, CT: Terrace Ave. Explosion & fire at a Condo building. Several units involved. Reports of many 1045's including possible fatalities. Numerous EMS Units from greater New Haven & Waterbury. [TAC9-C09]. 4:16a.m.

· Update - WEST HAVEN, CT: 2nd Alarm on Terrace Ave. A Townhouse Condo Complex. 3 units leveled from a Natural Gas explosion. Several 1045's transported. 3 residents still missing. Large evacuation. Fire is PWH. [TAC9-C09]. 4:27a.m.

· CINCINNATI, OH: *2nd Alarm* 3239 Bishop - Box 1486. 3-story multi-family dwelling with heavy smoke on arrival. People trapped. [FPO/1001/320] (C). 5:26a.m.

· RANDOLPH MA. MVA on Route 24 northbound near Route 139. Reported motorcycle accident with 1 10-45 code 1 (DOA) on scene. Request for Photo Recon and the M.E. to the scene. *800* C768 [TAC9-C302]. 5:32a.m.

· NEWFIELDS, NH: Working fire at CO-ED Sports Wear on Pleasant Street. Fire in a Commercial building. M/A to work and cover. OIC reports fire knocked down. Co.'s checking for extension. *154.190* [TAC9-C101]. 7:07a.m.

· WAKEFIELD, MA: Working fire on Box 3454 5 North Ave. Structure fire. OIC reports bulk of the fire is knocked down. M/A Engine from Stoneham for coverage. *483.4375* [TAC9-C461]. 7:59a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS Co., MO: Normandy FPD *1st Alarm* @ 7125 Woodrow (4 houses down from Lucus & Hunt). Heavy smoke/flames visible on arrival. 1 line off & supply line laid. [STL899]. 8:19a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS Co., MO: Update - Normandy FPD's *1st Alarm* @ 7125 Woodrow x Lucus & Hunt Rd. Fire has been knocked down. Smoke still showing from attic. No move-ups needed. [STL899]. 8:27a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD has responded to a report of a person threatening to jump from the overpass of W. Florissant & I-70. [STL899]. 8:43a.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: Update - Person threatening to jump from the overpass of W. Florissant & I-70. S/C for STLFD p-10 to respond. A net is being set up. I-70 closed both directions. [STL899]. 8:47a.m.

· CINCINNATI, OH: (0500hrs EDT) 2nd Alarm Box # 1486 for 3239 Bishop. 3-story occupied multiple dwelling with heavy smoke. Fire under control at 0830hrs EDT. [FPO/1002/D703] (C). 9:05a.m.

· NEW YORK, NY: Congratulations to "Team St.Louis" who beat a Philadelphia team in the semi finals of the "Bravest & Finest" Police & Firefighter competition on NBC's Today Show. They progress to the final round next week. [STLFN]. 9:06a.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS Co., MO: Spanish Lake FPD - Vehicle into a building (Papa John's Pizza) at 11016 Sierra Vista Parkway x Larimore parkway. [STL810]. 9:11a.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS, MO: Update – STLFD’s Special Duty for a person threatening to jump from the West Florissant overpass at I-70: DC810 has S/C Tower Ladder 2. The Squad's safety net is in place. Highway is closed. [STL810/899]. 9:18a.m.

· BRIDGEPORT, CT: Working fire at 1 Atlantic Street. Fire in a 6-story Commercial building. Fire on floor #2. CT173/CT80 [TAC9-C461]. 9:53a.m.

· FREEHOLD (MONMOUTH Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm** "Toys R Us", 600 Trotters Way. Heavy smoke showing on arrival as well as flames. Per Chief on scene - Sprinkler system is containing fire. [EAN700-27-633-503]. 10:33a.m.

· FITCHBURG, MA: 2nd Alarm on Electric Avenue "Park Hill Plaza". Reported Gas Station fully involved with extension to Acetylene tanks. *154.2500* CT3404/C251 [TAC9-C87]. 11:44a.m.

· TWINSBURG (SUMMIT Co.), OH: 2nd Alarm on arrival - Box111 @ 1915 Hillsdale Dr. Heavy smoke/fire from a 2.5-story house. [FPO/D703] (C). 11:55a.m.

· MEDFORD, MA: 2nd Alarm - Box 3524 at 3854 Mystic Valley Parkway, "Meadow Glen Mall". OIC requesting 2 Pumpers to the backside of the Mall. M/A from Malden requested. *153.8900* C461 [TAC9-C87]. 12:01p.m.

· STLFN: ST. LOUIS Co., MO: Riverview FPD is working a 1st Alarm fire at 10695 Bellefontaine Rd. At least one line off. Fire now under control. S/C for County Police Bomb & Arson and the Fire Marshal. [STL810]. 12:10p.m.

· Update - MEDFORD, MA: 2nd Alarm Box 3524 at 3854 Mystic Valley Parkway "Meadow Glen Mall". Smoke showing on arrival. Fire reported in a roof air conditioning unit. M/A from Malden on scene. Co.'s operating with 2 lines. *153.8900* C461 [TAC9-C87]. 12:16p.m.

· Update - FITCHBURG, MA: 2nd Alarm on Electric Avenue at the "Park Hill Plaza". Fire in a 1-story Gas Station, 20x60. OIC reports fire knocked down. Co.'s tied up with extensive overhaul. *154.2500* CT3404/C251 [TAC9-C87]. 12:17p.m.

· WOODRIDGE (BERGEN Co.), NJ: **2nd Alarm brush fire** 46 Passaic St. Large brush fire on the upper lot of the Curtis Wright Building. M/A to the scene. [EAN465-335-503]. 12:19p.m.

· TORRANCE, CA: (0545hrs PDT) Explosion & fire from a tented (fumigation) single family dwelling at 20914 Tomlee. 10 minor injuries (5 transported to hospital). 20 homes with minor to serious damage. 45 Firefighters total from Torrance & Redondo Beach. [PIO/FIREPAGE (R) LA-1]. 12:20p.m.

· CANTON MA: MVA on Randolph St by the MA Hospital School. Request for the Jaws and Boston Medflight. Report of a 45 year-old male ejected with head trauma. C227 *453.525* [TAC9-C06]. 12:42p.m.

· BRONX, NY: 2nd Alarm, 22-3191 Davidson Ave. & 182 St. Fire in occupied multiple dwelling. [MNS119*]. 1:34p.m.

· BRONX, NY: 22-3191 *2nd Alarm* at 2205 Davidson Ave x W182 St/Buchanan Pl. Fire in the cockloft of a 6-story brick occupied multiple dwelling 75x100. 2nd Alarm on arrival of B19 IC, B27 COMM CORD, B13 SAFETY, L56 FAST. [MNS342]. 1:34p.m.

· BRONX, NY: 22-3191 *2nd Alarm* 2205 Davidson Ave x W182 St/Buchanan Pl. Fire in a 6-story brick occupied multiple dwelling, 75x100. B19 reports fire in dumbwaiter shaft with possible extension to cockloft. Have visible fire @ roof of shaft. 2 lines stretched operating. D7 on scene as I/C. [MNS342]. 1:37p.m.

· STANDISH, ME: Extensive brush fire off Middle Rd. A large area going with difficult access. Several towns M/A to work & cover. *154.100* [TAC9-C101]. 1:41p.m.

· HILLSBOROUGH (SOMERSET Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm* Castle Hill Ct. & Zion Rd. Working house fire. M/A to the scene + County Tanker Task Force. [EAN318/100]. 2:17p.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS, MO: STLFD has a working fire @ 4434 Page x Newstead. P-20 reports smoke showing from a 2-story brick building. 1 line off. [STL899]. 2:25p.m.

· Update - HILLSBOROUGH (SOMERSET Co.), NJ: *2nd Alarm++* Castle Hill Ct. & Zion Rd. Well involved structure under construction. Exposures started a large brush fire. M/A Brush Units to the scene. NJFFS Service. [EAN STAFF]. 2:36p.m.

· 2nd Alarm WATERTOWN, MA: Box 281 at 19 Calvin Road. Building fire. M/A for coverage. *483.7125* C87/C15 [TAC9-C461]. 2:43p.m.

· MANCHESTER, CT: Working fire 540 Main Street. Reported brush fire with extension to an unknown type structure. CT3698/CT80 [TAC9-C87]. 2:54p.m.

· Update - WATERTOWN, MA: 2nd Alarm on Box 281 at 19 Calvin Road. Fire in a 1-story brick Commercial building 60x100. (3) lines run and in operation. [TAC9-C461]. 2:59p.m.

· 3rd Alarm - WATERTOWN, MA: Box 281 at 19 Calvin Road. Fire in a 1-story brick Commercial building 60x100. (3) lines run and in operation. *483.7125* [TAC9-C461]. 3:06p.m.

· BOSTON, MA: 2nd Alarm by orders Engine 8 (Box 4234) for the Charlestown Navy Yard. A Pier fire. *483.1875* [TAC9-C30]. 3:14p.m.

· BETHEL, ME: Working fire on Rte.5. An Apartment building. M/A Engine & Ladder from Newry *154.070* C32/C101 [TAC9-C30]. 3:22p.m.

· Update - BOSTON, MA: 2nd Alarm Box 4234 off First Ave at Charlestown Navy Yard. C-6 reports a large shed fully involved on Pier #3. Using 2 Marine Units & several handlines. Heavy fire now knocked down. C87/ C251/C461 [TAC9-C30]. 3:27p.m.

· Update - BOSTON, MA: 2nd Alarm Box 4234 for the Charlestown Navy Yard Pier fire. C-6 requests 2 additional Trucks for overhaul. Fire is knocked down & PWH. C87/C251/C461 [TAC9-C30]. 3:45p.m.

· 4th Alarm - WATERTOWN, MA: Box 281 at 19 Calvin Road. Fire in a 1-story brick Commercial building 60x100. Heavy fire thru roof. Exterior attack. *483.7125* C30 [TAC9-C461]. 3:51p.m.

· 2nd Alarm - BRIDGEPORT, CT: 356 Bishop Avenue. Fire in a 3-story wood frame, well involved. Requesting 2 additional Engines and a Ladder to the scene. CT80 [TAC9-C461]. 3:52p.m.

· KANSAS CITY, MO: Working fire @ 7500 E. 100th Terrace x Eastern. Smoke/fire showing from a 1-story frame. Companies leading out at this time. CAR107, P33, P42, Q28, Q41, R7, R11 (RIT). [KCFN-02]. 4:15p.m.

· STLFN: ALTON (MADISON Co.) IL: Alton FD is on scene of a house fire with report of a person inside at 509 Mitchell St. x Mulberry. 1 line being laid and charged. Search on 1st floor for victim was negative. (STL 835). 4:46p.m.

· JOHNSTON RI: Working fire on Green Hill Rd. Structure fire. Companies laying in. *154.175* [TAC9-C51]. 4:50p.m.

· COLCHESTER, CT: MVA on Route 85 east of the center of town. A motorcycle vs. car accident. Lifestar on scene for one 1045 C2 - unconscious male victim. *33.82* [TAC9-C09]. 4:52p.m.

· WEST BATH, ME: Extensive brush off State Road. Fire is burning in a remote area. Several towns M/A to work. ME Forestry Helicopter dropping water. *154.295* [TAC9-C101]. 5:13p.m.

· Update – JOHNSTON, RI: Working fire on Green Hill Rd. Municipal Landfill building fire. Fire in a 1-story Warehouse. M/A to cover and work. *154.175* C303 [TAC9-C51]. 5:19p.m.

· STLFN: WOOD RIVER (MADISON Co.), IL: Wood River FD is on scene of a Commercial structure fire on Rt.111. Fire is believed to be in a Grocery Store. East Alton FD responded M/A. (STL 835). 6:46p.m.

· STLFN: ST.LOUIS Co., MO: *1st Alarm* @ 1206 Scott x Bowers. Fire in a house. At least 1 line off. E-4910 laying a supply line. [STL899]. 8:05p.m.

· PEEKSKILL (WESTCHESTER Co.), NY: General Alarm at 1028 Main St. Fire in large building. Numerous M/A Companies. [MNS111]. 8:41p.m.

· STLFN: ST.CLAIR Co., IL: Prairie Dupont has a Trailer fire @ 1246 Oklahoma Hill Rd. Columbia and Dupo FD responded M/A. (STL 835). 9:19p.m.

· FREDERICK Co., MD: **2nd Alarm Equiv.** Barn at 11022 Daysville Rd. (Co.#17 – Libertytown). (5) additional Tankers requested above the 1st Alarm. Mutual Aid from Carroll Co. to the scene & for cover. [DC/BMD/E*23]. 10:19p.m.


*** FirePage Ohio Report for August 13, 2002 ***

FirePage Ohio® covers all of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Northern Kentucky and we will soon add Eastern Indiana and the City of Indianapolis. Beginning in 2002, we will be sending all of our incident notifications via E-Mail. So, if you carry an alphanumeric pager, PDA or cell phone, and that device has an email address, we can get the information to you.

For additional information, you can contact us at our office, (937) 399-4197, email us at info@firepageohio.com or visit our web site at http://www.firepageohio.com.

If you'd like to report an incident, please call our hotline number: 1-888-342-0143, and leave a message. Please make sure you include your name and a call back number.

This report is complied by FirePage Ohio® Dispatcher Scott Berringer (703@firepageohio.com)

- 0126
Cincinnati: W/F Box # 1486 For 3239 Bishop. Cos: Eng 34, 19, Trk 19, 32, Dist 3. Eng 19 reports heavy smoke from a 3 sty OMD. Eng 32 - RIT. Res 38, Dist 1 OTW. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0128
Cincinnati: 2nd Alarm Box # 1486 For 3239 Bishop. Cos: Eng 5, 12, Trk 23, Squad 52, MAC 1, Res 2, Trk 17 with the Light Plant. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0130
Cincinnati: 2nd Alarm Box # 1486 For 3239 Bishop. Dist 3 reports bulk of fire K/D. There were people trapped on balconies. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0357
Grand Rapids Twp (Wood): W/F 21001 Long Judson. Garage fire with propane tanks inside. M/A Washington Twp & Weston. FPO/D1002 ©

- 0750
Columbus: W/F 2953 Capital Park Ct. Cos: Eng 16, 18, 61 (Clinton Twp), 132 (Mifflin Twp), Lad 13, 28, Res16cuE, Med 16, BN 2, 3, 131. Med 16 reports 2 sty apt bldg. FPO/D284 ©

- 0752
Columbus: W/F 2953 Capital Park Ct. RIC: Med 18, EMS 13, SO 2. Med 16 reporting possible people trapped. BN 131 has command. FPO/D284 ©

- 0755
Columbus: W/F 2953 Capital Park Ct. BN 131 reports all clear on searches. Eng 132 reporting bulk of fire K/D. Checking attic for extension. FPO/D284 ©

- 0803
Columbus: W/F 2953 Capital Park Ct. BN 2 (Speath) now has command, reports fire K/D. Holding all companies. FPO/D284 ©

- 1254
Twinsburg (Summit): 2nd Alarm Box # 111 For 1916 Hillside Dr. Heavy smoke/fire from a 2.5 sty house. Cos: Eng 3414, Lad 3429, Util 3426. M/A Oakwood Eng 2, Macedonia Eng 2215. Res3416cuE, RS 3421 also enroute. FPO/D703 ©

- 1526
Big Walnut JFD (Morrow): (Delayed from 1350) MVA/PIN 1992 SR 61. 2 car head-on MVA. Cos: Morrow County Med 3, 1, Eng 30, 33, Res31cuE, Res21cuE (Cardington). MedFlight # 2 S/C'd. Return to Grant Medical Center. 45 year old female, possible pelvis fracture. FPO/D240* ©

- 1726
Cleveland: W/F 3961 East 131. BN 5 reports 2 garages going. Cos: Eng 36, 41, Lad 36, Squad 1, & BN 5. Eng 26 - Worker. Lad 10 - RIT. FPO/D700 ©

- 1735
Cleveland: W/F 6623 Boston Ave. BN 2 reports a 2 sty house on fire. Cos: Eng 11, 13, Lad 11, Squad 1, & BN 2. Eng 9 - Worker. Lad 13 - RIT. Tactical Res5cuE & AC 1 on the card. FPO/D700 ©

- 1909
Dayton: ALERT 2 Dayton International Airport. Eng 21 to fill-in at Airport station. NFI ATT. FPO/D320 ©

- 1925
Dayton: ALERT 2 Dayton International Airport. Res 20, 23 following aircraft in. Unknown problem. FPO/D320 ©

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London Fire Brigade Daily Report

11 Aug 02

1026 F21 Stratford 4 pump fire at 19 & 19A Upton Lane, 2-sty night club and offices 15m x 25m, basement fire extended via staircases to both upper floors and roof, using 3 hosereels, 9 meter ladder.

2035 H31 Croydon 4 pump fire at Croydon General Hospital on London Rd, vacant 5-sty hospital 150m x 50m, 2nd flr fire using 2 hosereels, thermal imaging camera.

2106 H24 Brixton 4 pump fire at Wayland House on Robsart St, heavy fire in a 8th & 9th flr maisonette using 1 jet, dry riser main, 50 civilians evacuated.

Runs for the day: 721

12 Aug 02

2310 F41 Dagenham 3 pump fire at 27 Marsh Green Rd, fire in a vacant subway 30m x 4m using 1 hosereel, thermal imaging camera.

2333 F38 Romford 4 pump fire at The Riding School on Wellingtonia Ave, 2-sty barn 30m x 30m containing baled straw & feed fully involved, using 5 jets, water relay operations, HLU Hose Laying Unit.

0633 F23 Millwall Persons reported fire (fatal) at John Tucker House, 40 Mellish St, 3-sty residential home 50m x 20m, explosion and fully involved fire in 1st flr apartment using 2 hosereels, 10 elderly civilians evacuated by PD w/smoke inhalation, 1 civilian found DOA.

Runs for the day: 720

13 Aug 02

1927 A33 Tottenham 4 pump fire, persons reported at 123 Oatfield House on Saint Ann's Rd, heavy fire in a 17th flr apartment extended to landing, using 1 jet, dry riser main.

0223 H25 West Norwood 8 PUMP FIRE, AERIAL REQUESTED, CYLINDERS INVOLVED at 51-53 Westow St, range of 1 to 3-sty shops and dwellings with 1st flr fully involved, using 3 jets, ALP Aerial Ladder Platform monitor, two 45kg propane cylinders involved.

0555 A24 Soho 4 pump fire, persons reported at 59 Monmount St, 5-sty shop and offices 10m x 10m, basement fire using 1 hosereel.

Runs for the day: 1036
Runs for the year: 175722



4-4 959 Jersey City, NJ: 8/13/02

Six Jersey City Fire Fighters Injured Battling 4th Alarm

The new day was as young as it could be and the box number was as high as it could be in Jersey City; a formula for a long, hard night for the F.D.J.C. At 0001, Box 959 was transmitted for numerous calls reporting a fire in the vicinity of 203 Clerk St. Actual fire location was 215 Clerk St., a 2.5 story frame dwelling, with similar unattached exposures on either side, situated on a narrow street just east of Ocean Ave. Eng. Co. 8, under the command of Capt. James Early, reported heavy smoke as they left quarters. They arrived in two minutes, reporting heavy fire in the rear of the dwelling. Capt. Early struck the 2nd Alarm at 0004, also advising that there were reports of people trapped in the building. Batt. 2, B. C. Robert Cobb, arrived immediately thereafter and reported heavy fire extending to both exposures. He ordered the 3rd Alarm, directing incoming units to stretch lines into both exposures. Meanwhile, first alarm companies conducted an aggressive interior primary search of the fire building with negative results.

The streets running north and south on the side of the hill between Ocean and Garfield Avenues in Jersey City's Greenville section have always been troublesome for fire fighters. Clerk St., Arlington Ave. and Randolph Ave. have been the scenes of some of the city's toughest fires and this would be another such fire. Division 1, Deputy Chief Martin McNulty, himself a veteran of some of these battles, was well aware of the problems presented by a densely built neighborhood of frame dwellings, narrow streets and difficult access from surrounding streets. Of the three streets, Clerk St. was particularly problematic, being one of the narrowest streets in the area, with a pronounced bend in the street between Carteret Ave. and Forrest St., where the fire was burning and a myriad of overhead wires making aerial ladder operations almost impossible. Add an 80 degree temperature and high humidity to the mix and the life of a fire fighter can really become quite miserable! Chief McNulty struck the 4th Alarm at 0014, just as reports of a partial collapse and possibly firefighters trapped were received from units in the rear of the now heavily involved dwellings.

By now three homes were engulfed. Eng. Co. 8 started their deck gun while Tower Ladder 4 and Ladder 8 set up master streams. Additional portable deluge sets were brought to play in the rear of the buildings. A series of tense radio transmissions indicated possible missing members from Squad Co. 4 or Ladder Co. 12. The FAST truck was put to use and Eng. Co. 14 was special called as an additional FAST company. An evacuation of the fire building and Exposure 4 was ordered and a roll call was taken by company officers. All members were accounted for, however six members suffered injuries of varying degrees and were transported by EMS to the Jersey City Medical Center. One brother, F. F. Wayne Taylor of Ladder Co. 8 was held for observation. All other members were treated and released.

Despite all the logistical problems presented by the neighborhood terrain, fire fighters limited the fire damage to three homes, #213, 215 and 217 Clerk St. All buildings were heavily damaged and significant collapses of the roof and attic occurred in all three structures.

As if this fire wasn't enough, a working fire also occurred at 0257 at Box 241, 333 9th St., a two story frame dwelling under construction in the Downtown section. Hoboken and North Hudson companies operated at that box, along with Eng. Co. 18-11 and Batt. 3.

In addition to the logistics and the hot, humid weather, Jersey City Fire Fighters have also been coping with a series of mechanical problems plaguing the ladder fleet. Ladder Co. 2-4-7-8-11-12 are all out of service due to mechanical problems. Tower Ladder 4 is using a spare Bayonne Mack Tower Ladder. Ladder Co. 8 is using North Hudson Ladder 8, a spare 1971 Grove Howe tractor trailer. Ladders 2-11-12 are using spare pumps or a reserve rescue van, while Ladder 7 is out of service.

Rundown as follows:

0001 Box 959 215 Clerk St.
Eng. Co. 8-22-10-4 Lad. Co. 4-12-8 Res. Co. 1 Batt. 2

0003 WF 959 Eng. Co. 17 Lad. Co. 11 Div. 1 Batt. 4 MSU Car 20-30

0004 2-2 959 Eng. Co. 19-13-9 Lad. Co. 2 Car 3-26-28

0009 3-3 959 Eng. Co. 5-6 Tower Lad. 6 Car 1-2A-7

0014 4-4 959 Eng. Co. 7-2 Lad. Co. 3

0039 S/C 959 Eng. Co. 14 Batt. 1

As of this writing (0900 hours) Eng. Co. 8, Tower Ladder 4 are continuing to operate and are awaiting the arrival of the Building Dept. Car 26, the Gong Club canteen, operated for nearly 6 hours, serving 30 gallons of Gatorade, 5 gallons of iced water, 3 gallons of coffee, 71 cold towels and using the misting fan for the duration of the operation.

Paul Schaetzle
Gong Club, Inc.
P. O. Box 213
Jersey City, NJ 07303-0213
201 434 4714



Media Contact: District Chief David Collini
Phone: 352-2311
Date 8/13/2002
Time: 1:17 AM

Good morning this is D-1 chief Dave Collini reporting on a 2nd suspicious fire to occur at 3239 Bishop St.at approximately 1:17 AM on 8/13/02. Original fire last evening caused minimal damage of $1,000.00 with no injuries. A male suspect was being sought in that incident by police. The 2nd fire in the same basement apt.destroyed virtually the entire unit including contents.The same individual is being sought for this fire as well. Several occupant at the 2nd fire had to be rescued via ladders and at least 8 occupants were "sheltered in place" on their balconies and later led from the fire bldg. Fire was quickly brought under control using 2 1 3/4" fire linesand proper ventilation techniques. 1 victim was taken to U.C. hospital where she is being treated for smoke inhalation. Loss for the 2nd fire to occur at the same 3 story brick apt. complex is placed at $65,000.00. A total of 6 families were being assisted by Red Cross. Additional fire investigators were called to the scene to assist in investigating both of these suspicious fires. Smoke detector alerted occupants minimizing injury and loss of life. As a side note firefighters also rescued two cats from the fire both were not breathing or alert. 3 oxygen tanks later both cats appeared to come around and were up and about . They will be sheltered by SPCA who also were called to scene. Additional info on these fire may be obtained by calling either D-3 Randall Freel 352-2333 or D-1 Dave Collini 352-2311

Captain Robert Becker
Cincinnati Fire Prevention Bureau
700 West Pete Rose Way
5th Floor, Lobby B
Office (513) 357-7597



Kingston, PA (Luzerne County): 2nd Alarm Fire, 372
Chestnut Ave. First Alarm received @ 01:50hrs.
Rescue 3 first on scene reporting a working fire with
heavy fire coming from the 2nd floor and through the
roof. Additional Engine off the 2nd alarm requested
at 01:59. Multiple hand lines streched and 1 Ladder
Tower operated at the fire. PD assisted occupants out
of the structure prior to FD arrival. Fire under
control within 1Hr. 3 Firefighters received injures
along with 1 occupant, all have been treated and
released from local hospitals.
Chief Robert Cannon KFD O.I.C.

Units responding on the 1st alarm:
Kingston Rescue 3, Engine 2, Ladder 3, Unit 9 and Medic 13.

Additional Engine: Edwardsville Engine 11 along with Edwardsville Rescue 15.

2nd Alarm: Forty Fort Engine 21, Luzerne Engine 31 and Luzerne Cascade 33.

Additional Units for Support and treatment of Firefighters: Kingston Medic 13B, Edwardsville Ambulance 14 and Medic 12A and 12B.

Ed Mizenko



for August 13th:

1963: While assigned to Headquarters, Firefighter Otto G. Panuska, Hose Co#1, collapsed & died - He had been a Captain of E-41 until he was injured @ a 5th alarm on Box#1939, on 3/1/1969, @ the Hamms Brewery, 1101 S Conkling St, Highlandtown (Southeast Baltimore) - Instead of taking his pension, he asked to be reduced to firefighter - He was then assigned to Hose Co#1 as a runner for DC Roland F. Wett - He was 54 years old with 28 years in the fire service - He was buried on 8/17/63 in Baltimore Cemetery. (CHM1*TUH)

1967: 5 Alarms - Box#384 - Carey & Presstman Sts - Upton (Northwest Of Downtown) - Fire involved the Saint Peter Claver School Auditorium. (CHM1)

1973: Rescue-1 received a 1973 Mack MB 600, Swab walk-in heavy duty rescue, & along with Flood Light Wagon #1, relocated to the new John F. Steadman Fire Station @ Lombard & Eutaw Sts, Downtown West. (TUH*RG)

1996: 2 Alarms - Box#8787 - 0458hrs - 3340-3342 W Belvedere Ave - Pimlico (Northwest Baltimore) - Fire broke out in a 2 story brick rowhouse @ 3340 & spread to 3342 - The dwelling of origin was a complete burnout & 3342 was damaged - (Note: Companies with a "*" have since been disbanded) 1st alarm @ 0458hrs = E-46, E-29, E-45, E-52, T-27, T-12, Air Cascade-1, Medic-17, Fire Investigation Bureau-6, Fire Investigation Bureau-7, & *BC-7* (Now BC-5) - 2nd alarm @ 0505hrs = E-40, E-44, T-25, Safety Officer-1, Car's 40 & 44 (Police Arson), & BC-4 - Fire under control @ 0535hrs - Transfers = E-13/E-29, T-16/T12. (TGA)

George T. Ehrman


· The Original Chicago FireHISTORY: August 13, 1859 PAID TRUCK 1 Volunteer replaced Volunteer TRUCK 1 “Pioneer” at 19 N. LaSalle St. *August 14, 1946 ENGINE 130 at Navy Pier for wartime fire protection was disbanded. This was the highest numbered Engine Company Chicago ever had, but there were only 129 Engine Companies in service at one time – in 1930. [CHGO-18]. 10:10p.m.



Western New York's Public Safety Page! Here you will find information on area Fire Dept., Police
Dept., and Ambulance companies.


- Chris Wright


Sunday, September 8, 2002, St. Louis, MO. The Great Fire Engine Rally, Muster and Flea Market. Downtown near the Firefighter Statue, Market and Tucker Streets. Starts 10 AM with a Large Fire Apparatus Parade.


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Chicago's most experienced, comprehensive, up-to-the-minute & accurate firenet group you can subscribe to in the Chicagoland area. Don't be fooled by imitators. We cover a large area from Northern & Central Illinois to Northwest Indiana. We offer groups so YOU can choose which areas of incidents you want to know about.

"Why Look Anywhere Else?"

Come visit out web-site for more info. http://www.firenetchicago.net or call us at 630-620-0171.


Special Thanks to everyone who contributes fire news. ALSO a BIG THANKS to ALL FireNet pager groups who provide St. Louis FireNet with fire info. For a listing of these groups and how you can get a fire pager please e-mail me at:


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