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    I'm looking for help on how to start working out. I'm a little out of shape and not over weight. I always feel tired but have no energy to start a workout even though I really want to. I know once I start I will feel better. Second question is working out in the morning better then in the afternoon? I figure if I can wake up, work out, I'll feel better during the day. Looking for any ideas and help.

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    In many cases the reason for your tiredness would be due to a weight problem. If you are not overweight and I assume getting plenty of sleep yet constantly tired, I would go get a complete physical, including bloodwork, before you do anything. There is probably a reason you are so tired. I don't think that it makes a great difference in when you work out. I have read it is better to work out before eating breakfast because your body will eat at your fat reserves for energy. I have also read your body may take from your muscles for energy so I have no idea. I find that the later in the day that I work out, the less sleep I get. What ever it is that your body produces, the "runners high", I find that it keeps me up. On my days off I will work oout in the morning. If I am working out at the station, I will usually work out in the mid-afternoon.

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    Main thing: get into the habit. The hardest thing is to get started, and the higher of a goal you set, the more you'll look for excuses not to work out. Therefore, set a reachable goal, such as working out (anything, running, weights, whatever) twice a week for just 30 min. each. That will get you into a routine, and you can slowly and gradually increase from there. Now, for the first few weeks you might actually feel more exhausted, but once you build up some muscle mass, it will keep up your metabolism, make you feel stronger, more agile and generally feel better. Also, your strengthened cardiovascular system will make everyday tasks feel like a breeze. Concerning the time of the day to work out, do whatever fits into your schedule. It really doesn't matter that much when you work out. It matters THAT you work out.
    OK, hope this helps.

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    My advice to you would be to try and work out three days a week. with a mix of weights and cardio. If you have access to a personal trainer have them set you up a program or you can find them on the net. the most important thing is to stick with it. They say it takes 21 days to make a habit so push yourself to workout till then and you will start to feel a change as your body adjusts. good luck!
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    All the previous posters make good points. Your statement that you " always feel tired but have no energy" concerns me.Give some thought to seeing your family physician and getting worked up for sleep apnea. People can sleep for hours and yet get up feeling just as tired as when they went to bed. Ask yourself or bed partner these questions.....Do you snore?--- Do you wake up gasping for air?---Do you have limb/leg jerking during sleep?---Does anyone ever witness you stop breathing for a few seconds when asleep?---Any relatives with a history of these symptoms?
    Sleep apnea is a very under diagnosed condition with serious health ramifications down the road....High blood pressure,stroke,cardiovascular problems. The treatment is simple and effective and then you may have the energy to excersice. Good luck.

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    If you really want to do something but can't get motivated go see your doctor. I felt tired all the time and went to the doc. He found I had very high triglycerides but my weight, diet and medical history told him something else was happening. He checked further and found I was hypothyroid. Started me on meds and I still didn't feel better. Checked further and found I was anemic (low B12). I'm not feeling great yet but at least I know there's a reason.

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    I agree with the posters who thikn you should check with a doctor if you really seem to be excessively tired for no good reason, but if you think you're just lacking energy because you're bored or something...

    Anyhow, have you tried just doing 5 minutes or so of exercise in the morning and seeing if it helps wake you up? Maybe a few jumping jacks and some stretches, just to get your blood flowing? You might find out if working out first thing is helpful to you, and it's not too much of a time commitment.

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