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    We got our "letter" this morning Monday 19th.
    I assume this means we were in the ones that never made the first cut? FEMA should at least let us know this so we won't waste next summer with the filling out and waitng for replies. My question is will FEMA at least tell us if we are truly wasting our time...I could have sworn we would at least have made it to the peer reviews. I wonder if it would help next year to ask for so much $$$$ we don't expect it then be plesantly surprised ....hmmmm just a thought.
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    Fellow Firefighters,

    I guess I'm not the only one thinking about the grant process. At first I felt this was a great opportunity for our dept to get ahead a little. I believed this was a win, win situation no matter the results so I jumped into the process of writing a grant with both feet! We applied for help forming a RIT Program figuring this was the best way in which to create a safer Fire Dept. I was thinking of the guys and what would make it better for us at a working fire. Aside from some new equipment I thought RIT made the most sense. I assumed it would score high. I also assumed that how better to have a safer Fire Service than to make RIT a Priority in 2002. Well I guess alot of my figuring was all for not. After spending 40 plus hours on this and getting our Dear John letter I have to wonder is this the best way to approach the way this money is divided up.

    I honestly believe in theory this is a excellent program. Nothing I know of goes to such lengths to award success and true need. Although as a volunteer dept was this the best use of my time. I mean if we'd been awarded the 57K I'd asked for then my answer would have been YES! But without anything to show for the hours of work what should I think. I'm not heart broken for the simple fact that we ARE a fourtunate dept in m any ways. We do have equipment and we do have manpower. Although would it have been better for me to spend MY time for the dept on Pre-planning or Apparattus Spec or Future Planning.

    I guess I'm wondering if this was the best use of my time and if the Feds should make additional efforts next year to narrow the scope of funding. So perhaps Fellow Firefighter can read 10 questions on the Federal Rule and say, ya we qualify or NO we would be wasting our time. Anyone have any words of wisdom for me.

    Although not all is lost. The energy I found through this program propelled me to convince our Dept. members to undertake fund raising efforts this year to purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera. We are not yet at 100% of funding but we did order our Camera this past week and will place it into service Sept. 1

    Stay Safe!!!

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