You are right that we should be an agriculture nation as the feeding of the citizens should be the number one priorty. Yet every year we seen millions of acres taken out of production. Where I live we have people moving here from the large cities. They buy ten or 15 acres and build a home. They may put a cow, goat or sheep on it to get an agriculture tax exemption. They also drill a hole in the ground and water an acre of land to grow grain so that can draw birds and wildlife in to shoot. Then they wonder why the water table goes down and the well runs dry. This has forced agriculture producers to develop other means to make more land productive to make up for land taken out of production. I am sure that you have seen shopping centers put up on former agriculture land. Concrete does not grow food or grass for animals. As Americans we demand cheap food prices.
Some years back on PBS there was a show called the Farmer's wife. It was about a couple in Nebraska who were wheat farmers. There life was not as great as many people think. They were working two jobs and borrowing money to live on. Sometimes having to take handouts to feed their kids. Some people will say it was poor management. But, it showed what a hard time agriculture people have in making it.
Perhaps we all ought to go back and try to raise our own food. I have raised hogs at a cost of 33 cents per pound and when i sold they brought 25 cents. I lost money, American Farmers have to go to exstreems to provide us with cheap food. I wish that it did not have to be this way. my opinion. Larry
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