SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) - A house fire claimed the life of a
77-year-old Shreveport man, whose body was found just 2 feet from
his door.
Maud Dallas was heading onto Interstate 49 Monday evening when
she noticed flames coming from the home of her neighbor of more
than 30 years, Louis Ware.
"It's so sad and nerve-racking," Dallas, 62, said. "I really
don't know what to say. I just saw him mowing his lawn this
Firefighters were called to the scene around 4:15 p.m., said
Shreveport Fire Department spokesman Brian Crawford. When they
arrived, the entire front portion of the wood frame house was
engulfed in flames and smoke.
"They found the victim inside the house about 2 feet from the
doorway laid out with his feet facing the door and his head in the
direction of the house," Crawford said. "It looked as if he may
have been trying to get out."
Dallas said Ware lived alone since his wife died more than 10
years ago.
Firefighters were still investigating the cause of the fire.
Unfortunately, Crawford said, fires in older homes similar to
Ware's often spread quickly due to the amount of wood.
Dallas said she will remember Ware as a nice neighbor.
"He was a good guy and he was helpful all of the time, whenever
you needed him," she said.

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