(Sorry for duplicate posts.) Hi. I'm not a firefighter nor a relative of one. I am posting here to inform you of a wonderful foundation that has been set up as a tribute to the women that were expecting during 9/11 that now have children that never met their fathers. The founder of this Foundation, Louise Buzzelli, was one of those women for a day. You see, her husband, Pasquale, was one of the survivors who was pulled from the rubble by firemen in the afternoon of 9/11 . . . a true miracle. Louise was 7 months pregnant at that time. There were only 3 civilian survivors pulled from the rubble and Pasquale was one of them. Although this story has a happy ending, Pasquale and Louise can't help but to feel a sense of guilt knowing that there are children born into this world with no fathers due to 9/11 and their daughter, Hope Olivia, was almost one of these children. Louise happened to come across People magazine back in Feb/March that was dedicated to the women who were expecting babies during 9/11. On the cover of this magazine were the women with their newborn babies . . . one baby more beautiful than the other. Some of these women are the widows of firemen. Louise knew how close she was to being on the cover of that magazine. After seeing this magazine, Louise was inspired to write a song for these women and children. The song is called "Hope". Please check out www.songforhope.com for more information. I hope we can obtain your support.