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    Would appreciate any ideas to support inclusion of CAFS systems in new apparatus. Specifically, for a "mini"/"midi" pumper with a 4-5 man cab. Application in a rural/suburban setting with many long and narrow driveways...etc...

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    No friction loss, no water hammer when in CAFS mode. This means you can lay miles of hose in forestry applications, you get better fire knock down with less water, and a great exposure protection ability with the stuff. In a rural setting the faster knock down with limited water supply may mean you can save a structure that you might lose with conventional water pumping. There have been tons if experiments and tests done with CAFS to show it's virtues. I'd contact any pump manufacturuer and get them to send you their latest videos. Also, Phoenix has recently switched to all CAFS pumpers and they have a great training video.

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    We put a Pierce Saber (which is probably still considered a standard size chassis, not a mini) with CAFS in service in late 1998, and we love it!

    Without firing up the water vs. CAFS for interior attack argument again, (we use water for initial attack, but switch to CAFS within a minute or two) the CAFS is great for exposure protection - we've stuck a thick coat of foam on a structure, and then don't have to tie up a line and personnel on it constantly.

    Handling the line after switching to CAFS is amazing, it's light, more flexible, and doesn't wear out personnel during a longer operation like a regular water line does.

    One thing we'd do diferntly if we did it over again is to plumb the CAFS to more of our outlets - we goofed up and have it plumbed to only our two 1 3/4" attack lines and the deck gun. Doing it over, we'd add at least our trash line and 2 1/2" preconnect, and at least one other 2 1/2" outlet that normally has a "school pack" attached to it.

    Train with the CAFS to learn what it can and can't do; Fire304's mention of Phoenix's video is a good one; there are some others out there also.

    Good luck - you'll like CAFS ifwhen you get it!

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    Duh-oh! Forgot to mention, we're going to start specing? out a rural truck next year, probably for order the following year. It's still up in the air right now whether it's going to be a "grass" type truck on a 450 or Hummer chassis, or a mini pumper on a smaller chassis but full size pump, but whichever way it goes, it will have CAFS - that we've already decided!

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    We are a rural dept. I engineered our CAFS truck on the Rodeo Fire - one night structure protection, the next time it was on the fire break. What a great setup! We could do it all, with some tanker support. We saved a lot of houses with the foam, and it protected exposures as well. In the forest, we used our truck (on a Ford 250 5 pass. setup) to pressurise 4,000 feet of hose, with 1" lines run off every 50 ft. As long as we had tankers, we kept it going. Go CAFES!

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