As you all know or have experienced, first responder exposure to roadway harm is increasing dramatically. I have determined that this potential harm can most likely be reduced but not removed. I work for a company called Autoliv and we develop occupant safety solutions for the automotive industry. One topic that has my attention involves the safety of the first responder on the roadway. I'm working on a system that will provide civilian vehicles with a means to detect first responder presence. A warning device that provides audible and visual alerts relating to the first responder or first responderís vehicle. We are working with local EMS/Fire, Law Enforcement and Road Commission personnel to identify performance objectives. The system also provides First Responder proximity while you are mobile. This allows a civilian vehicle to alert/warn the vehicle operator of the approaching First Responder Vehicle. Lights and Sirens are just not good enough, hearing loss, radios, quite compartments all contribute to the likely hood you may not be heard or seen. 1/4 to 1/8 mile range is the starting point. If you have suggestions, please contact me. I will certainly keep you informed and involved.

Will keep you all posted.