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    Default Brothers Protecting Brothers

    Here is a few Questions that goes out to both all my sisters and brothers in the Career and the Paid on call or Vollies...

    1). What can another Firefighter do in another community when his/her neighboring communities Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief are not only a discrace to the badge, but the worst management team that a fire service has ever seen.. (Father is Chief , Son is Assistant Chief).

    2). What rights do "At Will Employees" or " Just Cause Employees" have when they are being openly harrassed and threatened with lies and rumors by the Chief, Assistant Chief, A Sgt and fellow officers. The rules and regulations say one thing, yet because the Assistant Chief is also a Township Trustee many problems get swept under the rug...

    I have several close friends on a local department that needs help.. the "Haves" or " Good Old Boys" seem to be creating many more problems that could potentially endanger the lives of the citizens and firefighters with thier actions or inactions... I need your insight my Sisters and Brothers...

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    Tell Mr. Munro. I wish I had a better answer but I dont. Very tough situation to be in. Good luck.
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    1) if it's not your department, there is little you can do other than pray for the safety of the other department.

    2) document as much of the problems as possible and bring to the other Township Trustees.

    Best of luck to them...I'll agree, it sounds like bad situation.

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