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    Unhappy Sleeping too much?

    My station is a combi department. We are all volunteer except for 2 career staff during the day monday through friday. There are days that it is almost impossible to have anyone stay at the station at night to man it. Me and one other guy pratcily live at the station. The other guy is going through a divorce and can't live at home and I live too far away to respond. That and I work right across the street. There are plenty of nights that it's just me and him to answer calls. We treat that station like it is our home (it just about is). The Chief don't mind that we stay there. Just so long as we keep the place cleaned up, and answer the calls. Which we do. But it seems like there are a few people who don't like the fact that we stay there all the time. Like the Fire Captain. Oh I forgot to mention that I work third shift, so I sleep during the day. But I always get up when the tones drop. I don't care how long I've been alseep or what, I get up and run the calls. But I've been getting some bad vibes from some of the people, like the captain and the career staff. What do I do?
    Who cares if we are volunteer or paid? Not the fire. We fight fire not each other. Get it straight my brothers and sisters.

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    If the chief is OK with it I wouldn't worry too much. Anything that puts more firefighters in the station during the day is a plus.
    My part time department, like many others, have a hard time getting out a second rig during the day. If you can get people out for calls I'd say go for it.

    As for the captain that you have problems with, document a maint. program for the house your in. It will show him that your not just crashing but being a productive member of your department

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    As a person who catches that same sh** from people, their the ones that have a problem. They have obviously forgotten why they became a firefighter or they never knew in the first place. If they are condemning you for being at the firehouse too much, they are the ones that have a problem. My guess, they have a guilty conscience due to their own lack of performance as a firefighter.

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    Smile I think I can help....

    One word I learned to inject in my life and work is-
    BALANCE. Bro, I would ease off the station. I know it
    is hard and you love it. But, keeping a heathly
    BALANCE between family, work, friends and alone time
    is important.

    Offer to trade days with the other guy like you
    work odd days and he works even. Or something like that.
    You got to have a social life too. That doesnt mean
    going out and getting drunk, but hang with friends.

    Are you looking to go full-time? That is a whole other
    commitment. I put off marriage, buying a home, etc all
    due to trying to get on F/T.

    I love the fire service and admit I am in more deep
    that I should. But I still take trips, hang with
    the buds, etc.

    BALANCE brother....balance.
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    Sounds to me like the people that are giveing you flak maybe jealous that they cant sleep in firehouse themselves. Heck I know that if I wasnt doing anything Id go there. But as long as the Big guy dont mind then I wouldnt worry.

    I notice fire departments especially vollies are very clique-worse than high school, and if you dont meet the cliques standerds ,because your there to protect the public, not socialize then there mad at you and they get snooty towards you, I wouldnt take it personally.

    Good luck

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