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    Question Internet Search Engines

    Which search engine do you use?

    I am new to surfing the net. Can anyone recommend a good search engine or maybe the most popular ones that are used? I have a hard time finding things about specific topics or websites.
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    Default Search

    I've been using Google.com for a long time and it never disappoints. When someone is paying to get listed first, it's made very clear. One of the cool things they use to rank a site is how many other sites link to it. The thinking is that this means there's a better chance the answers are there. Google has NO ads or other crud on the first page, so you get quick page loads.

    When you use search engines a lot, you'll learn to think like one. Put the most important words first. Key words only. If you're linking "I'm looking for software I can use to inventory boots" consider which words are the most important, I would do boot inventory software. All the other words just confuse the matter. If you use quotes, like "boot inventory software" you'll get only sites with those words in that order. You would miss 'boot repair and inventory software'

    Best of all, experiment. When you get good at using search engines, they'll save you hours of hunting.

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    I also like google, and also use dogpile which I found pretty good, and when all else fails...yahoo.

    Also depending on what your looking for many college websites have links to their library that have article/book search engines and many times you can get the articles to print or an abstract of such.

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