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    Question Explorer mutual aide?

    How many of your posts work with other explorer posts from other towns? Does it go smoothly? Does it work well as far as people, learning and such?

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    we've never done anything specificly with other posts except though the explorer academy. we have gone to training burns with neighboring fire departments and helped out with water supply. as for going mutual aid to fires in other towns we can't. we can go mutual aid to brush fires if we're 16 and have the basic wildland firefighting certification.

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    We are not able to go on mutual Aid calls to different districts. But we do work with other posts for training. We are fortunate enough to have a smoke tower, so we invite other posts to come use it, they can come practice search and rescue and other things.

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    Default Mutual Aide

    Our Explorer post doesn't really do quite a lot with other Explorer posts. We occasionally do stuff together at competitions, but that is really all, I even think that when we get toned out for calls together we dont do a lot together on scene. I have never seen their Explorers help us fill air bottles etc.
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