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    Default Audio Logging Software

    Has anyone found a cheap (freeware/shareware) audio logging program for Windows? I'm looking for software that will record anything above a certain level coming in the sound card. Below that level, i.e. dead air, don't digitize, don't store.

    An added plus would be a time of day and date display during playback. This isn't for the mission critical logging so I'm looking for something that will run on Windows. Audio quality isn't important as long as radio transmissions are clear (mono, 5kHz or lower).

    My hope is to be able to quickly listen to a day's worth of radio traffic, cut and paste clips and send them as .wav file e-mail attachments. Maybe even automatically ftp (file transfer) hourly segments to an intranet web site so everyone can have access to the files in near real time.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Any programmers here want a project?

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    You might want to look at Dictaphone. They showed us a demo of a new windows based audio playback that they could put at each individual cosole that was windows based. And of course they have the system that records everything 24/7. Currently we have their system that uses DAT tapes. It has time/date for radio and phone. Does not record dead air. We are curently installing their newest system that uses CD's instead of the tapes. Holds twice the information. Very nice.


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    We have the Dictaphone recorders on our phone computers. It records all phonr and radio traffic, and does not record the dead air. We can play back phone calls and all radio traffic from out console, we also have the ability to play it back over the phone and to other people in the comm center. It is nice to be able to play a phone call to an officer over the phone, it has come in handy on more than one family disturbance calls. They like being able to hear exactly what was being said, so they can begin their reports before the tape is made.

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