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    Post Thermal image system

    Hello to all
    Just was woundering what your thoughs on the ISG K-90 TALISMAN mite be.
    Also has anyone out there ever used TRAINING TECHNOLOGIES INTERNATIONAL INC.
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    Both the FD's I belong to have 2 K-90's each. One has the remote transmit option on both of their cameras. I like the camera. It gives a good quality picture and has survived my "accidental" drop test. The only beef I have with it would be the length of time it takes to initially start up. However, I am not sure how this length of time compares with the majority of the cameras on the market.

    There are also many other FD's in my area that use that particular model.
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    Elms,If you're talking about TTI out of Bangor/Hampden, Maine you would be talking to Al Nygren.You will be hard pressed to find anyone with better product knowledge and support.I've worked with Al on numerous occasions,done a couple classes for him.We've bought monitoring equipment from him and had excellent support on both the units we've purchased.He carries a quality line of equipment and is a positive "scream" in the classroom.He'll teach,you'll learn,but you'll have a great time doing it. As far as the Talisman it is,in my opinion,one of the best cameras on the market. Did this help?T.C.
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    Default k-90

    k90 is the way to go. other departments in our area have msa or argus. our k90 puts them to shame the picture on the k90 is clearer than the rest. we also have digital transmiter on our tool and like it too.........

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