Please, allow myself to introduce.......myself...


I live 10 minutes from Richmond, Virginia in a highly populated county (255,000+). I currently volunteer on a rescue squad, and have been doing so for 1.5 years. I recently put in my application to Chesterfield Fire Department for the next recruitment class. I'm 19 years old.

There were a couple of things that got me interested in becoming a firefighter-paramedic. When I was younger...well...that sums it up right there. Who DOESN'T wanna be a firefighter when he/she is young?! More recently, I've come across accidents where fire/rescue was already on scene and it got me thinking. What if I came across a serious accident before fire/rescue got on scene? I'm the kind of person that loves to help, and without proper training, I CAN'T help in that kind of situation. This bugged me. I was in an accident when I was about 9 or 10, and my mother had to go to the hospital just to get her back checked out. I was fine, but car was really really totalled. Till this day, I still remember how awesome it was to see the firefighters at work. I've had friends that were just standing in a mall or something and someone literally dropped dead by them. CPR, if started immediately, MAY have helped the person live, but NO ONE knows how to do CPR around here. It's pitiful. So again, SOMEONE has to do something! I decided to have that person be ME. If someone decides to go into full arrest by me, *I* can make a difference. I hope. I'll at least try my best.

So ALL of this adds up to one huge overwhelming desire to become a firefighter-paramedic. Luckily, one of my best friends for a couple years was a volunteer at the rescue squad I'm now at. Through that connection, I got started up. And now here I am, friends with a couple of the firefighters around here, closer than ever before to joining them. I did a County Fair standby last night with 3 firefighters, and they took an hour to sit down with me to give me advice and information regarding the hiring process (AWESOME...I'd never expect them to help me out that much). They seemed pretty confident I could make it. We pretty much reached the conclusion that the written test is no problem - just gotta study. Physical, I'm in shape. The interview process - they said I was very well spoken and presented myself very well. All I gotta do is convince them why they should pick ME over someone who is a paramedic already, and has possibly had a few more years experience than me.

Bottom line - I'm optimistic, I'm gonna give it my best, I'm not gonna give up, and I'm gonna be a firefighter-paramedic pretty dang soon.

*steps off the soap box* Next!