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    Cool thought i would say hi!!

    i am a volunter firefighter in a small town of 6,000 people. our dept respondes to around 350 calls annually.When I joined the dept we had no public relations and I have started three differnt things to work towards. We are in the process of raising money to buy a thermal imaging camera, We have had three fundraisers and have raised 2500. towards it. I am also trying to improve the public impression of our dept by sending out cards after each structure fire and each ta just to tell people that we care. any suggestions would be appriated!

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    Default A Better Public Image

    Several other ideas would be an article in the local paper telling everyone about the department. Manpower, equipment, special services provided - such as public assist.. etc..

    Also mailing to a letter to all the people in your area going into more detail about your department than in the newspaper article..

    Also having an open house to show the public what they are paying for. Also having a drive to get more volunteers...

    Also small ads on the TV or get the local TV news to do a a several minute spot on the news...

    Another good PR is to answer any letters and phone calls quickly and honestly if they have concerns or gripes about the department.. Show them that their concerns are cared for and appropriate action taken and it just not brushed off...

    Remember the public is your funding.. Make them mad and the funding goes with it...

    Good luck in the PR department... Try to make a positive impression and I think you are starting to do that.. The letters are great, might you might looking at expanding it other that just structure fires... Follow up with a free inspection of the house after a stove catches fire, to make sure smoke detectors are in place... Give away free smoke detectors to people.. Have a raffle...

    Best of luck

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    I started to write down a list of ideas but then I read LouisianaMedics reply and he hit most of the ideas already. The open house idea is a good one Hold a "blood pressure" clinic when you do it. Let them know they can come back ANY time (if you are all volunteer this is tougher). You may want to add a FREE public CPR class once a month or once a quarter. Offer a FREE "Fire safety in the home" class for the public. Go to the schools (they love fire departments coming by) teach fire safety, CPR, do a drinking and driving consequence drill at the High School. (this will make the local paper, GREAT P-R) I have coordinated many of them so if you have any questions about these let me know. They are a HUGE success with the Students, school staff and, their parents (YOUR Tax payers).

    Good luck,,, JW
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