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    Arrow The Great Montana Sheep Drive-Kiwi would be proud!

    REED POINT (AP) - Two Reed Point area ranchers will be spending
    most of their Labor Day sorting out the 550 sheep they donated for
    the 14th annual Great Montana Sheep Drive.
    The sheep, marked with red or blue paint, herded down the street
    among a crowd of 7,500 people who came for the drive, food and
    craft booths and a street dance.
    The event raises money for community projects, such as the
    library, volunteer fire department and other improvements to
    municipal buildings.

    One young boy kept his sheep on a leash and ran along side it so
    he wouldn't lose it in the crowd during Sunday's event, a spoof on
    the 1989 Montana Centennial Cattle Drive.
    The sheep drive has recently received international attention..
    It was the subject of a National Geographic "Explorer Series,"
    last year and this year, Country Living Magazine interviewed
    organizer Russ Schlievert about the drive.
    "The other day, some Nashville, Tenn., radio station -
    something like the Breakfast Flakes - called me at 6 a.m. and
    wanted to know all about it," said Schlievert, who owns Hotel
    Montana. "They'd read about us in a book, `Eccentric America,'
    that listed Reed Point."
    Bonnie Conner, the graphic arts teacher at Reed Point High
    School, was supervising the chicken drop booth. For $2, you could
    buy a square on a sheet with the hopes a chicken would relieve
    itself there.
    "We have two chickens that we rotate in," Conner said. "We
    feed them with water and food so they're ready to go."
    Terry Olson, who is building a new home in Reed Point with her
    husband, Dan, got a little misty at the sight of the sheep running
    down the street.
    "It just brings tears to my eyes to watch them because it's so
    hokey, it's touching," she said.

    (Copyright 2002 by The Associated Press

    They charge an extra 15 bucks...if you wanna take the sheep home for the night. (NOT!)
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    550 sheep, 7,500 people.
    What the heck was that, the sheep were outnumbered.
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